Give the characteristics of Epithelial tissue

The characteristics of Epithelial tissue are as follows

  1. Epithelial tissue is found on inner and outer body surface.
  2. Epithelial tissue lines the hollow organs, body cavities, blood vessels and ducts.
  3. Epithelial tissue originates from all the three primary germ layers i.e., ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm.
  4. Cells of an epithelial tissue are compactly arranged and thus, a very little or no intercellular space is seen.
  5. Cells are placed on thin, doubled layered, non-cellular basement membrane.
  6. Epithelial tissue has nerve supply of its own.
  7. This tissue is avascular (a =without, vascular – vessel) i.e. it lacks its own blood supply and hence, obtains mutrients which diffuse out of blood vessels.
  8. Epithelial tissue has the power of division and regeneration. The old injured dead cells are sloughed off regularly.
  9. The main function of tissue is protection secretion, absorption, diffusion etc.

Q.2 How Epithelium is characterised Explain it.

  • i) The presence of many cells which are closely arranged and bound with less amount of intercellular substance.
  • ii) It is devoid of blood capillaries and consequently it is nourished by lymph.
  • iii The cells are mostly arranged on a thin sheet of delicate and non-cellular membrane called basement membrane.

Q.3 Give the functions of Epithelium tissues.

Answer : The functions of the epithelial tissue are –

  • i) Mainly protection.
  • ii) Reception of stimuli
  • iii) Absorption and
  • iv) Secretion.

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