What is Solid Solution? Give examples of solid solutions.

What is solid solution? Give examples of solid solutions
Answer :

Solid solutions: A solid solutions of two or more metals or of a metal with one or more non-metals is called an alloy or solid solutions.

Examples of solid solutions:

Duralumin : It is an alloy of nràinly aluminium, copper,
magnesium and manganese. It is ight in weight and strong hence it is used in the Construction of air crafts.
Aluminium Bronz: It is an alloy.of aluminium, copper and small amount of manganese.
Lead antimony alloy : Leasl hardned by 10-20 % antimony is called lead- antimony alloy. It is used for making bearings, bullet and harpnel. It is also acid resistant hence used in making lead storage battery plates.
Babbitt metal : Alloy of antimony with tin and copper is known as Babbitt metal. It is antifrictionalloy therfore
it is extensively used in machiné bearings.
Stainless steel: It is an alloy which contains chromium and nickel. It is resistant to coprósion. Hence used in
Spiegeleisen alloy : The alloy containing 5 to 20 o Mn in iron and ferromanganeous containing 70 to 80 % Mn and 30-20% iron are used for preparing very hard steel. It is also used to prepare rails safes and
heavy machinery.
Manganin: This alloy contains 84 % copper 12 % mn and 4 % Ni. It has almost zero temperature. coefficient of electrical resistance hence it is used to manufacture electrical instruments.
Amalgam : An alloy of mercury with other metals is known as amalgams it is used for extracting metals form the ores. Silver and golds are extracted from their are by using amalgam.

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