Short note on genomic library.

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Write a note on genomic library.

Answer : 

A genomic DNA library is a collection of clones containing the total genomic DNA fragments of an organism. It contains all genomic DNA of that organism, including coding and non-coding sequences. After cloning (genetic engineering) a genomic library is constructed using recombinant DNA technology.

  1. The collection of DNA fragments (specifically genes) from a particular species represents genomic library.
  2. The creation or construction of genomic libraries is accomplished by isolating complete genome.
  3. Entire DNA from a cell which is cut into fragments using suitable restriction endonuclease and cloned in suitable vectors.
  4. The specific clone carrying the desired DNA can be identified, isolated and characterised.
  5. In such a way a library of genes or clones foran entire genome of species can be Constructed
  6. The specific clone carrying the desired DNA can be identified and isolated with complementation or using probe.
  7. Probe is a single stranded nucleic acid that is used in hybridization experiment to identity nucleic acid containing sequences tha are complementary to the probe.

note on genomic library.

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