WHO Full Form : World Health Organization

WHO Full Form : World Health Organization

WHO Full Form : World Health Organization


WHO Full Form : WHO stand for World Health Organization


What is the World Health Organization

The WHO is a World Health Organization whose job is to monitor and eliminate health-related problems around the world. It is also responsible for detecting and investigating health-related incidents all over the universe and Provides health-related support around the world. His job is to monitor all health-related aspects around the world and provide health facility by processing these aspects. The service of this health organization is spread all over the world. The World Health Organization has the largest blood bank in the world. This organization contributes significantly to the prevention of many deadly diseases such as Corona, cholera, smallpox, malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS, etc. The WHO organization respects the world everywhere because of its work.

India is also a member of world health organization, the headquarters of the World Health Organization in India is located in Delhi. World health organization has played a very important role in eliminating the disease of smallpox. Today, this organization works to prevent dangerous diseases such as Ebola, corona, AIDS and tuberculosis.


When and where was the WHO founded?

The WHO : World Health Organization, was established on April 7, 1948, however, the organization was only accepted on July 22, 1947. Let us tell you, the first meeting of the World Health Assembly took place on July 24, 1948. Its constitution was signed from 61 countries. The World Health Organization is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The current head of this organization is Tedros Adhanom from Ethiopia. Tedros Adhanom is an internationally recognized malaria researcher and also a microbiologist.


Objectives of the World Health Organization

  1. The main goal of the World Health Organization is to provide better healthcare facilities to people worldwide.
  2. Assisting the government in strengthening health services.
  3. To sensitize and make people aware of their health.
  4. Develop health programs.
  5. Where necessary, work to improve nutrition, housing, sanitation, leisure, economic or working conditions, and other aspects of environmental hygiene.
  6. It acts as a managing and coordinating authority for international health
  7. Providing appropriate technical assistance and necessary assistance in emergency situations, upon request or acceptance of governments.
  8. Encourage work to prevent and control epidemics and other diseases.
  9. Promotion of biomedical research and health services.
  10. Promoting better teaching and training standards in health, medicine and related professions.
  11. Promotion of activities in the field of mental health, etc.

WHO History

The existence of the WHO came from the views of many people. Dr. szeming sze from China, Karl Evang from Norway and geraldo de paula souza from Brazil proposed the creation of an organization that would provide health services to people worldwide. Dr. Sze is one of the founders of the World Health Organization.

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