Class 10 Science Chapter 3 MCQ Question and Answers

Metal and Non metals Class 10 MCQ

Here you will find a list of Most important Multiple Choice Questions on Metals and non metals with answer for competitive exams like CBSE Class 10 science chapter 3 MCQs . These frequently asked sample questions on are given with correct choice of answer that you can check instantly. Presently we have added more than 20 MCQ questions on class 10 science chapter 3 for your practice. We will keep adding more questions and provide this question bank in PDF format, so that you can download them instantly in E-book style.

Metals and non metals mcq

Class 10 Metals and Non metals MCQ 

1.Which of the following non-metal used to preserve food material?

(a) Carbon

(b) Phosphorus

(c) Sulphur

(d) Nitrogen

Answer: D

2.The metals that float when treated with water are____________

(a) Manganese and Sodium

(b) Sodium and Calcium

(c) Magnesium and Sodium

(d) Magnesium and Calcium

Answer: D

3. Which one of the given metals does not react with cold as well as hot water?

(a) Na

(b) Ca

(c) Mg

(d) Fe

Answer: D

4. What happens when a pellet of sodium is dropped in water?

(a) It catches fire and forms oxide.

(b) It absorbs heat and forms oxide.

(c) It catches fire and forms hydroxide.

(d) It absorbs heat and forms hydroxide.

Answer: C

5. Generally metals react with acids to give salt and hydrogen gas. Which of the given acids does not give hydrogen gas on reacting with metals (except Mn and Mg)?

(a) H₂SO₄

(b) HCl

(c) HNO₃

(d) All the these

Answer: C

6. Silver articles become black on prolonged exposure to air. Because of________

(a) Ag₃N

(b) Ag₂O

(c) Ag₂S

(d) Ag₂S and Ag₃N

Answer: C

7. metals are solid in nature. Which one of the following metals is found in liquid state at room temperature?

(a) Na

(b) Fe

(c) Cr

(d) Hg

Answer: D

8. Which one of the following four metals would be displaced from the solution of its salts by other three metals?

(a) Mg

(b) Ag

(c) Zn

(d) Cu

Answer: B

9. Alloy is_________

(a) An element

(b) A compound

(c) A homogeneous mixture

(d) A heterogeneous mixture

Answer: C

10. Which of the following is example of displacement reactions?

(a) NaCl solution and copper metal

(b) MgCl2 solution and aluminium metal

(c) FeSO4

 solution and silver metal

(d) AgNO3 solution and copper metal.

Answer: D

11. The metal which is liquid at room temperature is_______

(a) Bromine

(b) Mercury

(c) Iodine

(d) Potassium

Answer: B

12. Which of the following methods is used in preventing an iron frying pan from rusting?

(a) Applying grease

(b) Applying paint

(c) Applying a coating of zinc

(d) All of the above


13. An element reacts with oxygen to give a compound with a high melting point. This compound is also soluble in water. 

(a) calcium

(b) carbon

(c) silicon

(d) iron.

Answer: A

14. Select the correct order of decreasing reactivity?

(a) Mg > Al > Zn > Fe

(b) Mg > Zn > Al > Fe

(c) Al > Zn > Fe > Mg

(d) Mg > Fe > Zn > Al

Answer: A

15. Food cans are coated with tin and not with zinc_____

(a)  because zinc is costlier than tin.

(b)  because zinc has a higher melting point than tin.

(c) because zinc is more reactive than tin.

(d)  because zinc is less reactive than tin

Answer: C

16. During electrolytic refining of zinc, it gets

(a) Deposited on cathode

(b) Deposited on anode

(c) Deposited on cathode as well as anode

(d) Remains in the solution


17. Which of the following alloys contains mercury as one of its constituents?

(a) Stainless steel

(b) Alnico

(c) Solder

(d) Zinc amalgam

Answer: D

18. Which among the given alloys contain non-metal as one of its constituents?

(a) Brass

(b) Amalgam

(c) Gunmetal

(d) None of these

Answer: B

19. which of the following property of metals to be drawn into thin wires is called________

(a) Ductility

(b) Malleability

(c) Sonorous

(d) Conductance

Answer: A

20. which of the following alkali metal is soft in nature.

(a) Aluminium

(b) Iodine

(c) Iron

(d) Sodium

Answer: D

21. In stainless steel, iron is mixed with_____

(a) Mi and Cr

(b) Cu and Cr

(c) Ni and Cu

(d) Cu and Au

Answer: C

22. Metal + oxygen to make __________

(a) Metal oxide

(b) Metal ash

(c) Metal carbonate

(d) Metal hydride

Answer: A

23. Which of the following metal is the best conductor of electricity ?

(a) Copper                                             

(b) Silver

(c) Aluminium                                       

(d) Gold

Answer: B

24.Which of the following oxide is amphoteric in nature ?

(a) Na2O                                                   

(b) MgO

(c) CaO                                                  

(d) Al2O3

Answer: D

25. Which among the following alloys contains mercury as one of its constituents?

(a) Stainless steel

(b) Alnico

(c) Solder

(d) Zinc amalgam

Answer: D

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