Maharashtra Board Class 7 Maths Solutions Chapter 15, Practice Set 54

Maharashtra State Board Class 7 Maths Solutions Chapter 15 Statistics Practice Set 54

Hello Students In this section we are going to solve Maharashtra State Board Class 7 Maths Solutions Chapter 15 Statistics Practice Set 54. Our class 7 Mathematics Textbook solutions , they point out, not only convey knowledge, but also social values ​​and a greater understanding for each and every student. Our Class 7 Mathematics textbook solutions are very easy to solve and hey remain an authoritative source as long as they are based on the latest scientific Study. the greatest objectivity, and demonstrate of our class 7 Maths textbook solutions are very practicable and easy to understand.
In general, the message about the importance of our class 7 maths textbooks solutions tries to increase awareness of the value they bring in the total education of children and, therefore, in the future of the planet. An awareness in which we must all be involved.

Question 1 : The daily rainfall for each day of a week in a certain city is given in millimeters. Find the average rainfall during the week. 9,11,8,20,10,16,12


Average rainfall during the week $=frac{text { sum of rainfall for each day of the week }}{text { number of days }}$ $=frac{9+11+8+20+10+16+12}{7}$


$=12.285 approx 12.29$

$therefore$ The average rainfall during the week is 12.29


Question 2 : During the annual function of a school, a Women’s Self-help Group had set up a snacks stall. Their sales every hour were worth Rs 960 ,

$mathrm{Rs} 830, mathrm{Rs} 945, mathrm{Rs} 800, mathrm{Rs} 847, mathrm{Rs} 970$  respectively. What was the average of the hourly sales?


Average hourly sales $=frac{text { sum of sales every hour }}{text { number of hours }}$ $=frac{960+830+945+800+847+970}{6}$


$=operatorname{Rs} 892$

$therefore$ The average of the hourly sales was Rs 892 .

Question 3 : The annual rainfall in Vidarbha in five years is given below. What is the average rainfall for those 5 years?

$900 mathrm{~mm}, 650 mathrm{~mm}, 450 mathrm{~mm}, 733 mathrm{~mm}, 400 mathrm{~mm}$


Average rainfall for 5 years $=frac{text { sum of annual rainfall in five years }}{text { number of years }}$ $=frac{900+650+450+733+400}{5}$



$therefore$ The average rainfall in Vidarbha for 5 years

was $626.6 mathrm{~mm}$.

Question 4 : A farmer bought some sacks of animal feed. The weights of the sacks are given below in kilograms. What is the average weight of the sacks?



Average weight of the sacks $=frac{text { sum of weight of each sack }}{text { number of sacks }}$ $=frac{49.8+49.7+49.5+49.3+50+48.9+49.2+48.8}{8}$




$therefore$ The average weight of the sacks is $49.4 mathrm{~kg} .$

Maharashtra Board Class 7 Maths Chapter 15 Statistics Practice Set 54 Intext Questions and Activities

Question 1 : Rutuja practised skipping with a rope all seven days of a week. The number of times she jumped the rope in one minute every day is given below. Find the average number of jumps per minute.

$60,62,61,60,59,63,58 .$ (Textbook pg. no. 96)


Average $=frac{text { Sum of the number of jumps ons even days }}{text { Total number of days }}$ $=frac{[60]+[62]+[61]+[60]+[59]+[63]+[58]}{7}$



$therefore$ Average number of jumps per minute $=60.42$

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