MCQs Questions For Class 8 science chapter 6 combustion and flame

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MCQs Questions For Class 8 science Chapter 6 : Combustion And flame with Answers pdf

Get Chapter Wise NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 8 science with Answers PDF Free Download prepared according to the latest CBSE syllabus. Science MCQs for Class 8 chapter 6 Combustion and flame pdf for all competitive exam. It covers all the important topics of Class 8 science chapter 6 MCQs for Preparation of CBSE class 8 Board Exam.  so that students can just click on the desired Chapter and get number of MCQs which has already appeared in the CBSE board  examination and are most likely to appear in the Next Examination. 

MCQs On Combustion And Flame

Here below we listed of the best NCERT MCQs for Class 8 science chapter 6 Combustion and flame with answers pdf  Exam preparation. Gear up for Board Exam Preparation with top and good Multiple Choice Questions that are also recommended by toppers, making it easier for you to score more in Exam.

NCERT Class 8 Science Chapter 6 MCQs

1. Fuel may be__________

A)  Solid

B)  Liquid

C)  Gas

D) All of these

Answer: D

2. Combustion is a____________

A) Physical process

B) Chemical process

C) Both (a) & (b)

D) None of these

Answers: B

3. Which one of the following is non Combustible?

A) Stone piece

B)  Paper

C) Straw

D) Matchsticks

Answer: A

4.  which is necessary For combustion?

A) Air

B) Water

C) Paper

D) Fuel

Answer: A

5. Explosion is the evolution of_________

A) Heat

B) light

C) Sound

D) All of these

Answer: D

6. Which is better fuel for domestic use?



C) Wood

D) Coal

Answer: B

7. The most common fire extinguisher is____________

A) Water

B) CO2

C) Oxygen

D) Hydrogen

Answer: A

8. Pick out incorrect statement from the following. A good fuel is one which_________

A) is readily available. 

B) Produces a large amount of heat.

C) Leaves behind many undesirable substances 

D) burns easily in air at a moderate 


Answer: C

9.  When clothes catches fire, the best way to extinguish the fire is to_________

A) throw water on the clothes. 

B) Use fire extinguisher.

C) Cover the person with a woolen blanket D) cover the person with polythene Sheet.

Answer: C

10.  The calorific value of a fuel is expressed in a unit called____________

A) kilojoules per litre 

B) kilogram per milliliter

C) kilojoules per gram 

D) kilojoules per kilogram

Answer: C

11. Sulphur dioxide is produced by________

A) nuclear power plant

B) coal power plants

C) hydroelectric power plants

D) all of the above

Answer: B

12. The main contributors of acid rain are__________

A) sulphur oxides and carbon oxides

B) nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides

C) carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide

D) nitrogen oxides and carbon oxides

Answer: B

13. Which one of the following cause global warming?

A) Carbon dioxide

B) Oxygen

C) Nitrogen

S) Hydrogen

Answer: A

14. Which one of the following result takes place due to global warming?

A) Maintaining steady temperature

B) Changes in the rainfall

C) Pleasant environment

D) Causing less pollution

Answer: B

15. In the sun, light and heat are produced by__________

A) chemical reactions

B) nuclear reactions

C) burning reactions

D) bunsen burner

Answer: B

16. Which chemical is used in the rubbing surface provided for matchsticks?

A) Sulphur

B) Gold

C) Red phosphorus

D) White phosphorus

Answer: C

17.Which of the following are required essentially for producing fire?

A) Glass, coal, water

B) Fuel, coal, straw

C) Fire, wood, burner

D) Fuel, air, heat

Answer: D

18. LPG stand for________

A) Liquefied Petroleum Gas

B) Liquefied Petrol Gas

C) Liquid Petrol Godown

D) Liquid Petroleum Gas

Answer: A

19. The outermost zone of flame is in colour.

A) blue

B) orange

C) brown

D) dark

Answer: A

20. In the presence of water, ignition temperature of paper________

A) decreases

B) increases

C) remains constant

D) none of these

Answer: B

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