Top 45 M.Sc Biotechnology Entrance Exams in 2023-24

Biotechnology is a highly interdisciplinary field that combines biological sciences with engineering technologies to manipulate living organisms and biological systems to produce products that advance healthcare, medicine, agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals, and environmental control.
Do you plan and think about studying Post a graduation degree in Biotechnology after completing BSc in Biotechnology? There are many universities and institutions offering MSc Biotechnology courses through entrance examinations. Biotechnology is a fully Research oriented field majorly focused on all disciplines of biological science and technology which manipulate living microorganisms for new product formation such as Medicines, vaccines, food, etc Biotech involved Biological technology, chemistry, physics, math, physiology, genetics, molecular biology, and many more.

Top 45 M.Sc Biotechnology Entrance Exams

It is important that Masters’s degree in Biotechnology from a reputed University or institution can open doors to many exciting opportunities and exciting careers in Biotechnology. A career in Biotechnology means a sea of golden jobs in research and innovation. If your University is not a reputed institution the chances of any Biotech companies coming for placement will be zero.

Since the Biotechnology field is tremendous and highly Research oriented with vast and diverse scope we always recommend to you do your MSc in Biotechnology from a reputed University or institution. If you are interested in Biotechnology for better career growth and increase your knowledge in Biotechnology field. A Masters’s in Biotechnology is a great option.

Here you can find MSc Biotechnology Entrance Exam programs choose and pick the master in Biotechnology program of your liking and begin your path to research enlightenment. The following are the top 45 most comparative and advanced MSc Biotechnology entrance exams.

Top 45 MSc Biotechnology Entrance Exam in India

  1.   ICAR(Indian Council of Agriculture Research) Msc Biotech Entrance Exam
  2. AIIMS MSc Biotech Entrance Exam
  3. IIT JAM Msc Entrance
  4. JNU CEEB MSc Biotech entrance
  5. Amity Institute of Biotechnology Msc entrance
  6. BHU MSc Biotech Entrance Exam
  7. IIT JAM Msc Entrance exam Delhi
  8. IIT JAM MSc Biotechnology entrance exam Chennai
  9. CUCET CEED Entrance exam for Biotechnology
  10. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Msc Biotech Entrance Exam
  11. ALLAGAPPA Department of Biotechnology Msc entrance
  12. Bharathiar University msc entrance exam
  13. Fergusson college department of Biotechnology MSc entrance exam
  14. University of Mysore M.Sc Biotechnology Entrance Exam
  15. University of Goa Department of Biotechnology MSc entrance exam
  16. Cristian Medical College Vellore MSc Biotech entrance
  17. JNTU MSc Biotechnology Entrance Exam
  18. Government institute of Science MSc entrance exam Aurangabad
  19. IBAB Msc Biotechnology Entrance Exam and
  20. University of Madras MSc Biotechnology Entrance examination
  21. Karnatak University Dharwad MSc Biotech entrance exam
  22. University of Delhi msc-plant-molecular-biology-and-biotechnology Entrance Exam
  23. Jamia Hamdard University Entrance examination for MSc Biotechnology
  24. Maharaja Sayajirao University Baroda MSc Biotech entrance exam
  25. Pondicherry University Entrance examination for MSc Biotechnology
  26. Andhra University common entrance test for MSc Biotechnology
  27. JMI ( Jamia Millia Islamia ) entrance exam for MSc Biotechnology
  28. Cochin University of Science and Technology MSc Biotech entrance exam
  29. Gujrat University M.Sc Biotechnology entrance exams
  30. Amity University Mumbai MSc entrance exam
  31. Chandigarh University MSc Entrance examination for Biotechnology
  32. Panjab University Entrance examination for MSc Biotechnology
  33. University of Mumbai entrance examination for MSc Biotechnology
  34. IIT Roorkee entrance examination for MSc Biotechnology
  35. Calcutta University MSc Entrance examination for MSc Biotechnology
  36. BBAU Lucknow MSc Entrance exam for Biotechnology
  37. Central University of Haryana MSc Entrance examination
  38. Kerala University MSc Entrance examination
  39. Central University of Rajasthan MSc Entrance examination
  40. Sant gadge baba amravati University MSc Entrance examination
  41. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Aurangabad msc Entrance examination for Biotechnology
  42. ICT Mumbai MSc Biotechnology entrance exam
  43. Jadavpur University Entrance examination for MSc Biotechnology
  44. Christ University MSc Biotechnology entrance exam
  45. Jaipur National University MSc Biotechnology entrance exam
Master in Biotechnology is a two-year program designed to provide students with training and Research experience that will prepare them for a wide range of careers in pure and applied Biotechnology.

Application procedure for MSc Biotechnology course

  • Admission to the above universities and institutions will begin after the declaration of BSc Biotechnology results. Each University and institution has different criteria to take admission through M.Sc Biotechnology Entrance Exams course candidates are selected through an entrance exam and score in the MSc Entrance examination.
  • The application procedure for every Entrance exam is quite easy Application booklet is available before the entrance exam on University’s sites. the cost of the Biotechnology entrance exam is in the range of RS. 500-2000 who wish to appear entrance exam. He/she will be asked to complete the eligibility requirements by submitting documents.
  • MSc Biotechnology is very important you are probably here grown-up in your life. The truth is that post-graduation in Biotechnology is an absolutely fundamental step to a successful life. You can learn from the hard work and success of millions of people who came before you.

Books to qualify for Biotechnology Entrance exams

We referred to these books at different time points when It helped prepare for M.Sc. biotechnology entrance exams.

1. Biochemistry:

  1. Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry – AlbertL. Lehninger
  2. Biochemistry – Jeremy M. Berg, John L.Tymoczko, Lubert Stryer
  3. Biochemistry – U. Satyanarayana, U.Chakrapani

2. Bioinformatics:

  1. Bioinformatics: Sequence and Genome Analysis- David W. Mount
  2. Bioinformatics Methods and Protocols – Edited by Stephen Misener, Stephen A. Krawetz
  3. Introduction to Bioinformatics – Arthur M.Lesk

3. Biotechnology:

  1. Biotechnology – U. Satyanarayana
  2. Biotechnology: Expanding Horizons – B.D.Singh
  3. A Textbook of Biotechnology – R.C. Dubey

4. Cell Biology:

  1. Molecular Biology of the Cell – Bruce Alberts
  2. Cell and Molecular Biology: Concepts and Experiments – Gerald Karp
  3. Molecular Cell Biology – Harvey Lodish

5. Developmental Biology:

  1. Developmental Biology – Scott Gilbert

6. Genetics:

  1. Genes Series by Benjamin Lewin
  2. Principles of Generics – Robert H. Brown
  3. Molecular Biology of the Gene – James Watson

7. Genetic Engineering:

  1. Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual -Joseph Sambrook
  2. Principles of Gene Manipulation and Genomics– Sandy Primrose, Richard M. Twyman, and Robert W. Old

8. Immunology:

  1. Kuby Immunology – Richard Goldsby and Thomas J. Kindt
  2. Cellular and Molecular Immunology – Abul K.Abbas, Andrew H. Lichtman, and Jordan S. Pober
  3. Immunobiology – Charles Janeway

9. Microbiology:

  1. Prescott’s Microbiology – Christopher J.Woolverton, Joanne M. Willey, Linda Sherwood
  2. Microbiology – Gerard J. Tortora
  3. Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews Microbiology– William A. Strohl

10. Plant and Animal Tissue Culture:

  1. Plant Tissue Culture & Plant Biotechnology – B.D. Singh
  2. Plant Tissue Culture: Theory and Practice –S.S. Bhojwani, M.K. Razdan

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