Class 11 Online Admission FAQs

The online admission process for Class XI in Mumbai, Thane, Raigad district, Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad municipal corporation area, Nagpur, Amravati, Nashik and Aurangabad municipal areas is underway in six defined online entry zones. This is applicable to all recognized junior colleges affiliated to Maharashtra State Board and it is mandatory for all to participate in the online admission process as all admissions will be through online process only.

Class 11 Online Admission FAQs

What is the full form of fyjc?
Answer : FYJC stands for New Year Junior Colleges (FYJC), which are treated as class 11. FYJC is a term used primarily in Maharashtra. If you are enrolled in FYJC, this means that you are attending class 11.

What is the 11th entry procedure?
Answer : Through this 11th FYJC online admissions process, students will be able to enter FYJC (i.e Class XI) in their favorite stream / course at various lower state colleges. FYJC admissions are based on the value of candidates in the X class examination.

Where I Can Submit Online Admission form ?
Answer : students can fill up online admission form in official website

Contact Details for class 11 Admission :

  1. Mumbai :
  2. Pune:
  3. Nagpur :
  4. Nashik :
  5. Aurangabad
  6. Amravati :

What are all the documents required for 11th entry?
Answer : The documents must be submitted for the 11th entry..

  1. 10th number card.
  2. The TC was issued by your school to complete the 10th.
  3. Caste certificate or income certificate if you claim a reservation limit.
  4. Today they insist on the Aadhaar number.
  5. I hope you have all the above documents.

How can I enter class 11 in Pune?
Answer : There is no direct entrance to Std XI at Ferguson College. All STD XI Arts, Sciences, Commerce and Vocational / Bifocal admissions in Pune belong to the Central Department of Education, the Department of Education, the State Government.

How can I login to Fyjc Mumbai?
Answer : To enter Junior College through the FYJC admission, students must pass the SSC examinations conducted by the Maharashtra Board. Participation is based on the value of the student in the examination of the qualifiers. The entire participation process for FYJC 2020 has been transferred to electronic mode.

Which stream is best?
Answer : Science is the most popular and preferred career choice for most parents and students. Science stream offers many attractive career options such as engineering, medicine, computer science and you can also choose research roles. The best advantage of the science flow is that you keep your choices open.

Which stream is easier in the 11th?
Answer : Which is the best team and the easiest team in the 11th grade. The best team in class 11 is the Bio Maths stream, but it is the most difficult of all. This is followed by the csc group and then the trade group. The trading group is the easiest of all groups and is also a good group and today has many opportunities.

Is Commerce better or science?
Answer : In terms of course structure, commerce is easier than science. Scientific topics require you to study constantly and extensively. . Commerce requires less time, so you can pursue your hobby as well as your career. Commerce is also less expensive than science.

Is Commerce good for the future?
Answer : Because in the field of accounting, accounting, computer accounting, stock market, financial accounting, marketing, etc. There is a plethora of short-term vocational courses for business students. Therefore, Commerce is a very good stream for future prospects.

Can I get Arts after 11th Science?
Answer : Yes, you can change your flow from science to art. If the 12th grade classes have not started yet, you can ask the person in charge to change science to art.

Can I change from science to commerce after the 11th?
Answer : Even if you have studied science in your 11th and 12th grade, but do not want to do it now, do not worry! After the 12th grade of the course, you can go to any field you want – Commerce or humanities.

Can I change my flow in class 11?
Answer : Yes, you can change your flow by re-entering 11th grade at any other school. You must apply for the entry card of the specific school you want to enter and fill in the required details accordingly.

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