JEE Main 2020 Imporatant FAQs : Joint Entrance Examination

JEE Main 2020 Imporatant FAQs : Joint Entrance Examination

JEE Main 2020 Imporatant FAQs : Joint Entrance Examination

What is a JEE exam?
Answer : The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is an engineering entrance examination conducted for admission to various engineering colleges in India. It is formed by two separate exams – JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

Is NCERT enough for JEE Main?
Answer : The bottom line is that NCERT books are some of the best books on the JEE Main, but they are not enough, as they do not include a review of complex JEE questions. With NCERT books, you can build the foundation for the basic knowledge needed to tackle high-level JEE problems.

Tips for the Crack JEE Main

  1. Prepare a fixed schedule: A lot of preparation and time must be set for such exams. 
  2. Coherence: Students start preparing for JEE with a lot of confidence and desire, but eventually get bored after a while.
  3. Review: Students should focus on all three subjects, namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Is the 11th important for the JEE?
Answer : The curriculum of category 11 is the building block of the JEE. Mechanics from physics will be used everywhere, while trigonometry will be applied to every chapter, it can also be calculus, cones, vector and 3D. But there are some chapters in Class 11 that are extremely important, as well as easy to cover and grade.

Is JEE Main’s 2020 postponed?
Answer : The JEE Main scheduled for April has now been postponed until September and NEET has also been postponed twice. It will take place in September. Several experts had also pointed out that with more delay and more practice, students are now more likely to achieve a good grade.

Is JEE Main enough for IIT?
Answer : No, it’s not enough to break Jee Main just to get IIT positions. JEE Main can only give you NIT positions. To qualify for IIT, you must also delete JEE Advanced.

Has JEE 2020 been canceled?
Answer : The Government of India has decided to postpone the National Level of National Eligibility-Entry (NEET) and JEE Main until September in view of the growing incidence of coronavirus epidemic. The medical and engineering entrance exam was scheduled to take place in July.

Are the 12th signs important for the JEE?
Answer :!There is no weighting when preparing the JEE Main rank at 12 points. Students should be aware that the grade will be determined based on the student’s score on the entrance exam. However, for admission to IIT, NIT, CFTI, the grades scored by the candidates in their examination class 12 will be taken into account.

Can I get 1 air at JEE?
Answer : You can take AIR 1 to IIT JEE: Give up all your desires and head to your goal. To study the curriculum and each place to its maximum potential. Practice all the questions and try all the minutes at least 2030 times.

Is JEE Main difficult?
Answer : The questions in JEE-Mains are not that difficult. Especially the Department of Chemistry can be read well by reading the NCERT. Physics and math are a bit difficult but not impossible. Unlike JEE-Advanced, JEE-Mains does not require intelligence.

What is the minimum ranking to enter the NIT?
Answer : The minimum points for entering the NIT through the JEE Main 2020 for general class candidates were 89.7 points and for OBC-NCL class candidates 75.3.

How many hours of study for top in JEE?
Answer : Most experts recommend that students study for at least six hours per week or 42 hours per week or more (excluding time spent in training courses) to adequately prepare for the JEE. But this suggestion is only useful when you can create a schedule that suits your specific needs.

Does the JEE Main have a good score of 200?
Answer : If you want to score 200+ in JEE Mains then your chemistry should be really strong. This is because chemistry is the easiest part of a low number paper. So if your chemistry is strong, you can easily score 90+ out of 120.

Can I decipher the IIT in 2 months?
Answer : Nothing is impossible. If you work hard and practice enough problems, you can get a good rating by studying for 2 months. You must prepare an adequate schedule, dedicate yourself to your goal and work hard with motivation, to definitely achieve a good ranking in the IIT.

What is the minimum rating for NIT?
Answer : The minimum grades to obtain admission to the NIT through the JEE Main 2020 for candidates in the general category were 89.7 and candidates in the OBC-NCL category 75.3.

Can I enter NIT without JEE main?
Answer : To be admitted to the NIT, you must pass the JEE Main exam and cannot be admitted to any NIT without passing the JEE Main exam.

What is the JEE Mains 2020 Cutoff?
Answer : JEE Main 2020 are the minimum grades required to pass the cut exam. The NTA will announce the main cut of the JEE in the last week of April, after the results are announced in 2020. The cutoff point was 81 for the general category, 49 for OBC-NCL, 32 for SC, 27 for ST and 1 for PWD in the past. year.

Does JEE Main Rank matter?
Answer : No, if you are admitted to Manipal College, the JEE major grades do not matter. JEE The main brands are important to obtain admission to the NIT / IIIT and the GFTI. To gain admission to IIT, you must first pass the JEE main exam. Some good private colleges also consider JEE top grades as admission.

What if you fail JEE Main?
Answer : If you can’t decipher JEE Main, think beyond IIT. You have a huge variety of opportunities that you can take advantage of if you really want to become an excellent engineer. You must keep all options open. You must realize that gaining admission to IIT and becoming a world-class engineer are two different things.

Is self-study sufficient for JEE?
Answer : If you have enough time and are determined to violate JEE Advance on the first attempt, you may prefer to do a self-study. But understand that self-study is an essential component of training classes because they cannot be successful without the participation of self-study.

How can I download the JEE Main 2020 admission card?
Answer : Applicants can download the JEE Main 2020 admission card by entering the application number and password / date of birth in the login window. The admission card will be issued 15 days before the exam, that is, around 15 August 2020.

Is there any change in the study plan for JEE Main 2020?
Answer : No, there are no changes to the program content of articles 1, 2 and 3 of the NTA JEE Main 2020. However, the authority has published a separate section regarding the program content of the JEE Main Paper 3 (BPlan).

How many attempts are there for JEE Main?
Answer : Each candidate will have two options to choose from – January and April in one year. Applicants can try for three consecutive years.

Are diploma holders eligible for JEE Main?
Answer : Diploma holders will be eligible to attend the JEE Main Paper I to advance the JEE Advanced exam. However, diploma holders will not receive vacancies based on their major JEE scores.

When will the admission card for JEE Main be available?
Answer : The admission card for the JEE Main will be issued 15 days prior to the exam, as confirmed by the recent NTA notice. Therefore, applicants will be able to download the ticket to the salon at around 3pm on August 2020.

When will the result of JEE Main 2020 be declared for the April session?
Answer : The NTA will release the results of the JEE Main 2020 for the April session after the exam. The exam will be held from 1 to 6 September 2020.

How to check the main result of JEE 2020 on the official website?
Answer : On the official website, click on JEE Main 2020 Results / Scorecard. On the login page, enter the application number and password / date of birth.

Will NTA also announce the answer key for JEE Main 2020 Paper 2?
Answer : Yes, NTA issues the answer key from document 2 of the JEE Main 2020 with document 1.

Has the main result been announced?
Answer : The NTA declared the Main Result of JEE 2020 in just 9 days. According to the information sheet, the main result of the JEE was to be declared by January 31, 2020. However, the result was declared a long time ago. The NTA released the answer key on January 14,

How do you know if you are eligible for the JEE Advanced 2020 exam?
Answer : Candidates with a score equal to or higher than the limit (category) issued by the NTA will be eligible for the JEE Advanced Exam 2020. Only the 2.50,000 qualified candidates for JEE Main 2020 will be eligible for the JEE Advanced exam. You can check your cut on your JEE Main 2020 scorecard.

How to check eligibility for JEE Advanced 2020?
Answer : Following are the qualifications to appear on the JEE Advanced exam,

  1. Age limit – The Supreme Court of India has issued an order announcing that applicants over 25 years of age can apply for JEE Advanced 2020.
  2. Aptitude test – Candidates must have appeared in the 12th grade (or equivalent) in 2019 or 2020.
  3. Number of attempts – JEE Advanced can be tried by applicants twice in two consecutive years.
  4. JEE Main – All candidates must pass the JEE Main Exam and meet the cutoff point specified for admission to IIT through the Advanced JEE Exam.
  5. Admission to IIT – If he / she remained in the program or reported to an information center in the past, IIT should not have admitted to IIT, despite having accepted the seat. Candidates whose admission to IIT has been canceled, even after joining them, will not be considered eligible for JEE Advanced.

How many students appeared at JEE Mains 2019?
Answer : In the January session, 608440 candidates were present and likewise 881096 candidates participated fully in the April session. 77% of the students attended the two sessions of the JEE Main 2019 exam, that is, 11,47,125 candidates.

Where to check the main result of the JEE?
Answer : A simple 4-step process to download the main result of the JEE is as follows: Open the official website: Look for the link that reads the main results of JEE 2020. Click on the link and provide the roll number and date of birth of the details. Click the submit button and your JEE Main 2020 score is displayed on the screen.

JEE Main Site does not open, what should I do?
Answer : If there is a problem with your browser, we suggest that you cache and try again. However, any technical problems with official information will be resolved as soon as possible.

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