Class 6 English chapter 4

Class 6 English Chapter 4 – An Indian American Woman In Space

We here completed all NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 4 if you required NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 4 PDF Download options is also given here this NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 4 an Indian American woman in space  will help you for board exam preparation as well as another compititive entrance examination . NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English chapter 4, YB Study NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 4  It covers extra questions of English Class 6 Chapter 4 Important Questions NCERT English Class 6 NCERT solutions.

Q A: Answer the following questions.

1. Where was Kalpana Chawla born? Why is she called an Indian-American? (3)

Answer :

Kalpana Chawla was born in Karnal, Haryana. She was called an Indian-American because she was a naturalised U. S.citizen, married to flight instructor Jean-Pierre Harrison.

2. When and why did she go to the U.S.? Who did she marry? (2, 3)

Answer :

 She went to the United States for a master’s degree. She was married to flight instructor Jean-Pierre Harrison.

3. How did she become an astronaut? What gave her the idea that she could be an astronaut? (3)

Answer :

After qualifying as a pilot, Kalpana began to consider another challenge: applying to NASA’s space shuttle program. She was first hired as a research scientist at NASA. In 1994, she was selected by NASA for training as an astronaut. The idea that she could be an astronaut came from her desire to follow her dreams.

4. What abilities must an astronaut have, according to the journalist? (6)

Answer :

According to the journalist, to be an astronaut one should have enormous ability. An astronaut must know a lot about everything, from biology to astrophysics to aeronautical engineering. In this age of super-specialisation, you must have encyclopaedic knowledge to be an astronaut.

5. Describe Kalpana Chawla’s first mission in space. (5)

Answer :

Kalpana’s first space mission was in the space shuttle Columbia. It lasted for 15 days, 16 hours, and 34 minutes. During this time she went around the Earth 252 times, travelling 10.45 million kilometres. The crew included a Japanese and a Ukrainian astronaut. The crew performed experiments such as pollinating plants to observe food growth in space, and tests for making stronger metals and faster computer chips.

6. What does Kalpana Chawla say about pursuing a dream? Do you agree with her that success is possible? (7)

Answer :

About pursuing a dream, Kalpana said that the path from dreams to success does exist. One needs to have the vision to find it, and the courage to get onto it. Yes, success is possible. Her life is an example of that.

Q B:Read the newspaper report to find the following facts about the Columbia’s ill-fated voyage.

l. Date and place of lift off: ____________________________

Answer : 

 Date and place of lift off: 16th January, 2003; Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

2. Number of astronauts on board: __________________________

Answer :

Number of astronauts on board: Seven.

3. Number of days it stayed in space: _________________________

Answer :

 Number of days it stayed in space: 16

4. Number of experiments done by scientists: _____________________

Answer :

Number of experiments done by scientists: 80

5. Date of return journey: _____________________________

Answer :

Date of return journey: 1st February, 2003

6. Height at which it lost contact: ________________________________

Answer :

Height at which it lost contact: 200,000 feet.

Q A: Match the following.

1.unprecedented        something that causes 

space traged                feelings of respect.                                                    and wonder

2.certified flight        having knowledge of a 

instructor                   wide variety of subjects

3. space mission          nowadays in these                                                       times.

4. super.                        a set of jobs to be done

 specialisation                in space by a group

5.encyclopaedic      a person with the correct

knowledge                  qualification to teach                                               people to fly planes

6. awe-inspiring      a sad accident of a kind

                                       that has never                                                        happened before in                                                space.

7. in this age.                great expertise in a                                                   limited field or a                                                    particular subject

Answer :

1.unprecedented        A sad accident of a

space tragedy.             kind that has never 

                                        happened in space

2.certified flight             A person with the 

instructor                      correct qualification                                             to teach people to fly                                            planes. mission          A set of jobs to be done                                            in space by a group.

4. super                              Great expertise in a 

specialisation.                  limited field or a                                                    particular subject

5. encyclopaedic.             Having knowledge 

knowledge                         of a wide variety of                                                        subjects.

6. awe-inspiring          Something that causes                                         feelings of respect and                                          wonder.

7. in this age               Nowadays, in these                                                times.

Q B: Use these phrases in sentences of your own, after finding out their meanings.

1.broke apart

Answer: Divide violently into parts.

The glass  broke apart when anni stepped on it .

2. streaked over

Answer:  Flash brightly leaving a visible line

Fireworks streaked over the horizon when mumbai won the cricket match.

3.Spread across – 

Answers: Distributed over a given area

Idea has a large network which is spread across all states.

4.Lifted off – 

Answer: The action of an aircraft in becoming airborne

My flight lifted off at 1 A.M.

5.Blast off – 

Answer: Action of a rocket leaving its launch pad

It is not an easy task to blast off a rocket properly.

6.Went on –

Answer: Continued

Though he faced many difficulties, the traveller went on to his goal.

7.Cheered along – 

Answer: Stood by to shout their support

The crowd cheered along as Dhoni hit a century.

8.On board –

Answer: On a ship, plane or other vehicle

The passengers on board the ‘economy flights’ do not have a comfortable journey.

9.Carry on –

Answer: To conduct

Rescue operations were carried out by the army in spite of heavy rains.

Q C: We add ‘un-’ to make opposites.

For example, true — untrue.

Add ‘un’− to the words below to make their opposites. Then look up the meanings of the words you have formed in the dictionary.

l. identified Unidentified

2.controlled Uncontrolled

3.attended Unattended

4.successful Unsuccessful

5.important Unimportant

6.educated Uneducated

7. interesting Uninteresting

8. qualified Unqualified

9. trained Untrained

10.answerable Unanswerable

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