General knowledge Questions and Answers Updated Pdf

General knowledge Questions  and answers with Pdf

In this post, we have given general knowledge questions and answers, these gk questions and answers have been asked in the examinations before and can be asked further. If any student is preparing for any examination, then they are related to general knowledge questions. It is very important to have information. 

GK (General Knowledge) is very important for all of us. Whether we are children or adults, we need to have complete information including general knowledge questions and answers. Dear students and dear friends, if you are preparing for government job exams like IPS, IAS, SSC, etc. then there they will ask you some GK questions and if you are not able to answer their general knowledge questions then they will give you Will Fail to succeed in the exam.

So candidates have been given 200 important questions related to general knowledge and their answers in this post. These questions are asked every time in examinations. These questions and answers can be very beneficial for you, so they should be carefully read. Read. If you find this question and answer useful, then do share it with others.


General knowledge Questions and answers with Pdf



General knowledge Questions And Answers

Question 1. Which country has not become the slave of anyone to date?

Answer:  Nepal


Question 2. How many countries are there in the world?

Answer: 195


Question 3. Which is the largest mosque in the world?

Answer: Almalivaya (Iraq)


Question 4. In which country of the world there is no temple?

Answer: Saudi Arabia


Question 5. Which is the largest ocean in the world?

Answer: Pacific Ocean


Question 6. Which is the longest animal in the world?

Answer: Giraffe


Question 7. Which Indian leader is known as the “Iron Man of India”?

Answer: Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel


Question 8. In whose memory was the Rock Memorial (Shell Memorial) dedicated at Kanyakumari?

Answer: Swami Vivekananda


Question 9. In which city is Jalliana Wala Bagh located?

Answer: Amritsar


Question 10. Who presides over the meetings of the Rajya Sabha?

Answer: Vice President


Question 11. Which type of soil is most abundant in Maharashtra?

Answer: Black soil


Question 12. When was life insurance nationalized?

Answer: 1956


Question 13. Who discovered the electron?

Answer: J.J Thomson


Question 14. STD What is the full form of (STD)?

Answer: Subscriber Trunk Dialing


Question 15. On which day is Youth Day celebrated?

Answer: 12 January


Question 16. Mary Kom is related to which sport?

Answer: Boxing


Question 17. GAA R. What is the full form of?

Answer: General Anti-Avoidance Rules


Question 18. Where is the headquarters of the Children’s Film Committee located?

Answer: New Delhi


Question 19. Which language is spoken in Lakshadweep?

Answer: Malayalam


Question 20. Which language is spoken in Tripura?

Answer: Bangla


Question 21. From which part of the plant is opium obtained?

Answer: Flowers


Question 22. Who read the news for the first time on TV in India?

Answer: Pratimapuri


Question 23. Who first addressed Subhash Chandra Bose as “Netaji”?

Answer: Adolf Hitler


Question 24. Which was the 100th mission of ISRO?

Answer: PSLV


Question 25. When was the Bhopal gas tragedy formed?

Answer: Midnight of 2nd and 3rd December 1984


Question 26. When did Pincode start in India?

Answer: 15 August 1972


Question 27. Who is the first musician to be awarded Bharat Ratna?

Answer: Pandit Ravi Shankar


Question 28. When was the Simla Agreement signed between India and Pakistan?

Answer: 1972


Question 29. Who discovered radium?

Answer: Robert Pierre and Madame Curie


Question 30. Who built the Golden Temple?

Answer: Guru Arjun Dev


Question 31. Which gas is filled in football?

Answer: Hydrogen gas


Question 32. What is the name of the capital of Arunachal Pradesh?

Answer: Itanagar


Question 33. Which is the country in the world where mosquitoes are not found?

Answer: France


Question 34. Which country in the world does not have a single cinema hall?

Answer: Bhutan


Question 35. Which and where is the largest desert in the world?

Answer: Sahara (Africa)


Question 36. Which is the largest city in the world?

Answer: New York (USA)


Question 37. Which is the largest mosque in India?

Answer: Jama Masjid (Delhi)


Question 38. Where is the headquarter of World Bank?

Answer: Washington


Question 39. Where is the headquarters of Interpol?

Answer: Paris


Question 40. What was the total of Lord Buddha?

Answer: Shakya Kul


Question 41. Due to which the color of urine becomes yellow?

Answer: Due to urochrome


Question 42. Who was the founder of Sikhism?

Answer: Guru Nanak Dev


Question 43. When did the first train run in India?

Answer: April 16, 1853


Question 44. The longest road in India is?

Answer: G. T. Road


Question 45. India is the most educated state?

Answer: Kerala


Question 46. What was the name of Mahatma Gandhi’s wife?

Answer: Kasturba Gandhi


Question 47. Who was the founder of the Indian National Congress?

Answer: A. O. Hume


Question 48. Who was the first Indian Governor General of independent India?

Answer: C. Rajagopalachari


Question 49. Who founded the Prarthana Samaj?

Answer: Atmaram Pandurang


Question 50. In which part of the body urea is made?

Answer: Liver


Question 51. Who first gave the slogan “Inquilab Zindabad”?

Answer: Sardar Bhagat Singh


Question 52. Which is the highest award in India?

Answer: Bharat Ratna


Question 53. Which is the national bird of India?

Answer: Peacock


Question 54. Who gave the slogan “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan”?

Answer: Lal Bahadur Shastri


Question 55. How many planets are there in our solar system?

Answer: 8 (eight)


Question 56. Who gave the famous quote ‘Government of the people, by the people, for the people’?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln


Question 57. Bodh Gaya is related to which religion?

Answer: Buddhism


Question 58. Who was the first President of the Republic of India?

Answer: Mr. Dr. Rajendra Prasad


Question 59. Who was the first person to climb Mount Everest?

Answer: Tenzing Norgay, Edmund Hillary


Question 60. Which is the highest mountain peak in the world?

Answer: Everest


Question 61. Which is the country with the most stringent laws in the world?

Answer: Saudi Arabia


Question 62. Which is the biggest wall in the world?

Answer: Great Wall of China


Question 63. Which President gets the highest salary in the world?

Answer: President of America


Question 64. How far did Gandhiji protest against the salt law during the Dandi Yatra?

Answer: 385 km.


Question 65. How many longitudes does the earth rotate in an hour?

Answer: 15°


Question 66. What causes a lunar eclipse?

Answer: Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon


Question 67. Between which places the first railway line was started by British rule?

Answer: Mumbai to Thane


Question 68. Which is the highest military award of India given for courage and valor in war?

Answer: Param Vir Chakra


Question 69. What are the reasons for the existence of seasons?

Answer: Earth’s revolution around the Sun


Question 70. D.C.M. Trophy is related to the?

Answer: Football


Question 71. When did the ‘Quit India’ movement start?

Answer: August 9, 1942


Question 72. Who gave the slogan ‘Inquilab Zindabad’?

Answer: Bhagat Singh


Question 73. Who called Mahatma Gandhi a ‘half-naked fakir’?

Answer: Churchill


Question 74. Which bank was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi in the year 1919?

Answer: Union Bank of India


Question 75. What is the full form of CRISIL?

Answer: Credit Rating Agency


Question 76. What is the full form of NEFT?

Answer: National Electronic Funds Train


Question 77. Which is the first mobile bank in India?

Answer: Laxmi Vahini Bank (Khargone District, Madhya Pradesh)


Question 78. Who was the first Deputy Prime Minister of India?

Answer: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel


Question 79. Who was the first woman cabinet minister of India?

Answer: Rajkumari Amrit Kaur


Question 80. When is the birthday of Swami Vivekananda celebrated as National Youth Day?

Answer: 12 January


Question 81. What are the organs of the Parliament of India?

Answer: President, Lok Sabha, and Rajya Sabha


Question 82. Who was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constitution?

Answer: Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar


Question 83. Which city is famous for the cultivation of grapes?

Answer: Nashik


Question 84. In which state is the Koyna Dam located?

Answer: Maharashtra


Question 85. Who is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of India?

Answer: President of India


Question 86. By what name is UTI Bank presently known?

Answer: Axis Bank


Question 87. Which is the largest bank among the nationalized banks?

Answer: Punjab National Bank


Question 88. What is the full extension name of ATM?

Answer: Automatic Teller Machine


Question 89. Which mammal has the biggest eyes?

Answer: Deer


Question 90. Which is the oldest joint stock bank in India?

Answer: Allahabad Bank


Question 91. Which country does not have the name of that country on its postage stamp?

Answer: Great Britain


Question 92. What is the national flower of India?

Answer: lotus


Question 93. When is Teacher’s Day celebrated?

Answer: 5 September


Question 94. When was the atomic bomb dropped on Japan?

Answer: 1945


Question 95. When was the world war fought?

Answer: 1914-1918 AD.



■ General knowledge Questions and answers on India

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and is full of multicolored diversity and a rich cultural heritage. Together, India has adapted itself to the changing times and has made multi-dimensional social and economic progress in the years since independence. According to the area, India comes at number seven among the countries of the world. Geographically, India has a special identity. It is bounded by the Himalayas in the north, the Bay of Bengal in the east, the Arabian Sea in the west, and the Indian Ocean in the south. Let us get acquainted with other factual information about India.

Question 96. Who was the author of the national anthem of India “Jana Gana Mana”?

Answer: Shri Rabindranath Tagore


Question 97. Who was the author of the famous epic “Mahabharata”?

Answer: Shri Ved Vyas


Question 98. Where is the Kanchan Ganga mountain peak located?

Answer: Sikkim


Question 99. Who was the producer of the first Indian film “Raja Harishchandra”?

Answer: Dadasaheb Phalke


Question 100. Which person of Assam has been the President of India?

Answer: Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed


Question 101. Apart from the national anthem of India, Rabindranath Tagore wrote the national anthem of which other country?

Answer: Bangladesh


Question 102. What are the heater wires made of?

Answer: Nichrome


Question 103. Which tree does not have wood?

Answer: Banana tree


Question 104. In which district of Assam is the world’s largest river island “Majuli” located?

Answer: Paatal Puri


Question 105. What is the maximum speed of sound?

Answer: Steel


Question 106. Which is called the metal of the future?

Answer: Titanium


Question 107. Who wrote the patriotic song “Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon”?

Answer: Pradeep


Question 108. Air pressure is due to

Answer: Density


Question 109. Who appoints the Chief Minister?

Answer: Governor


Question 110. Who was the first Chief Minister of Maharashtra?

Answer: Y. B. Chauhan


Question 111. Who is known as the “Manchester of India”?

Answer: Ahmedabad


Question 112. Which river is called the Mourning of Bihar?

Answer: Koshi


Question 113. On which date India was declared a republic?

Answer: 26 January 1950


Question 114. Where are the Khajuraho temples located?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh


Question 115. Where is Hawa Mahal situated?

Answer: Jaipur


Question 116. Where is the Bara Imambara situated?

Answer: Lucknow


Question 117. What is the Chetak horse related to?

Answer: Maha Rana Pratap


Question 118. Which gas is used in refrigerators?

Answer: Freon


Question 119. Who was the discoverer of the electron?

Answer: J. J. Thomson


Question 120. What is the scale of measuring atmospheric pressure?

Answer: Barometer


Question 121. How many shells (cells) are there in amoeba?

Answer: 1 (one)


Question 122. Who is the author of the book “War and Peace”?

Answer: Leo Tolstoy



■Gk questions on General Awareness:

General knowledge Questions and answers


General Awareness Quiz for students and readers preparing for competitive exams. In today’s Current Affairs Quiz – information about India’s economy and Twitter has been given along with giving the latest information about various states of India like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Assam.
Questions and answers based on recent current events for the upcoming government competitive examinations are being given here. Studying them will prove to be equally useful for all examinations.

Question 123. Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner?

Answer: President


Question 124. Which is the closest planet to the Sun?

Answer: Mercury


Question 125. Between which two places does Himsagar Express run?

Answer: Jammu to Kanyakumari


Question 126. “General” is an officer rank of which army?

Answer: Army


Question 127. In which state of India is the holy shrine “Amarnath” located?

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir


Question 128. In which region of India is the famous tourist destination “Gulmarg” located?

Answer: Kashmir


Question 129. What is the width of the narrow gauge of the railway track?

Answer: 2′ 6″


Question 130. Which country is known as the “Land of the Rising Sun”?

Answer: Japan


Question 131. Which city is the capital of Madhya Pradesh?

Answer: Bhopal


Question 132. Which city is the capital of Afghanistan?

Answer: Kabul


Question 133. Which city is the capital of Japan?

Answer: Tokyo


Question 134. Which animal is called the ship of the desert?

Answer: Camel


Question 135. In which year Mahatma Gandhi was born?

Answer: 1869


Question 136. What is the width of the meter gauge of a railway track?

Answer: 1 meter


Question 137. What was the real name of Swami Vivekananda?

Answer: Narendra Nath Dutt


Question 140. What was the real name of Swami Dayanand Saraswati?

Answer: Mul Shankar


Question 141. Which is the national fruit of India?

Answer: Mango


Question 142. Which is the national sport of India?

Answer: Hockey


Question 143. Which is the national emblem of India?

Answer: Ashoka Chakra


Question 144. Where is the Valley of Flowers located in India?

Answer: Garhwal region of North India


Question 145. Which Indian player is known as “Jumbo”?

Answer: Anil Kumble


Question 146. Which city is the most expensive in India?

Answer: Mumbai


Question 147. What was the name of Ravana’s father?

Answer: Vishwava



Gk questions with answers on Discoveries  : 

Question 148. When did planes arrive in India?

Answer: 1911


Question 149. When did the telephone come to India?

Answer: 1888


Question 150. When did the film actress Divya Bharti die?

Answer: 6 April 1993


Question 151. Which planet is situated between the Earth and the Sun?

Answer: Buddha and Venus


Question 152. What was the name of Ravana’s father?

Answer: Vishwava


Question 153. Which place is the coldest in India?

Answer: Leh


Question 154. What is the meaning of 1K and 2K?

Answer: 1000 and 2000


Question 155. When was the first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima?

Answer: 6 August 1945


Question 156. Who was the person who reached India by sea route?

Answer: Vasco da Gama


Question 157. What is the length of the wall of China?

Answer: 2400 km.


Question 158. To whom can the national husband of India resign?

Answer: Vice President


Question 159. Which Mughal king was illiterate?

Answer: Akbar


Question 160. When did planes arrive in India?

Answer: 1911


Question 161. When did the telephone come to India?

Answer: 1888


Question 162. Which country is the largest continent in the world?

Answer: Asia


Question 163. Which country is the largest country in the world?

Answer: Russia


Question 164. Who suggested that the Earth originated from gases and dust?

Answer: Otto Smid


Question 165. What is the basis for determining the standard time of a place?

Answer: Prime meridian


Question 166. Which is the largest lake in the world?

Answer: Caspian


Question 167. Which quantity is found more in the upper layer of the earth?

Answer: Oxygen and silicon


Question 168. What is the top layer of the earth called?

Answer: Crust


Question 169. What is the area of ​​contact between the crust and the upper mantle called?

Answer: Moho Discontinuity


Question 170. Which is the largest island in the world?

Answer: Greenland


Question 171. Which animal was first sent to space?

Answer: dog


Question 172. In which year did humans first set foot on the moon?

Answer: 1969


Question 173. Which metal was first used by humans?

Answer: Copper


Question 174. Where is the maximum production of coal?

Answer: Jharkhand


Question 175. Who was given the first Rajiv Gandhi National Goodwill Award?

Answer: Mother Teresa


Question 176. How many years did it take to build the Taj Mahal?

Answer: 20 years


Question 177. Which city is known as Pink City?

Answer: Jaipur


Question 178. What is the meaning of RAM in computer language?

Answer: Random Access Memory


Question 179. How many natural satellites does Jupiter have?

Answer: 67 known satellites


Question 180. Which gas is present in the refrigerator?

Answer: Ammonia



General knowledge Questions with Answers on Chemistry :

Chemistry is a branch of science that deals with the scientific study of chemical substances. In chemistry, we learn about the natural universe, test it, and then build models that explain our observations.

Scientists believe that the development of chemistry was done in the country of Egypt. Priestley, Scheele, and Lavoisier contributed the most to the development of chemistry. Antoine Lavoisier is also called the father of modern chemistry. Apart from this, many more There is information, about which we have told in the question and answers below.


Here we collected Chemistry-related Gk questions and answers that are asked in all types of competitive exams like SSC, IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO, RBI, RRB, CTET, TET, BED, UPSC, etc. Here all the important questions of Chemistry are listed which can be useful in all types of competitive exams.

Question 181. An alpha particle has two unit positive charges. Its mass is approximately equal to

Answer: One atom of helium.


Question 182. What is the effect of the electrical resistance and electrical conductivity of conducting materials on increasing the temperature?

Answer: The electrical resistance increases while the electrical conductivity decreases.


Question 183. Heavy water is an oxide of

Answer: Deuterium.


Question 184. A stationary magnet always shows-

Answer: North-North and South-South.


Question 185. In which direction does a freely suspended magnetic needlepoint?

Answer: South direction.


Question 186. “The amount of matter liberated at an electrode in the process of electrolysis is directly proportional to the total charge flowing.” This is the law.

Answer: Faraday’s first law of electrolysis.


Question 187. A dry cell is-

Answer: Primary Cell.


Question 188. The reason why we can see the sun only a few minutes before the actual sunrise is?

Answer: Refraction of light.


Question 189. How is white light produced in the tube?

Answer: By heating the fiber.


Question 190. Why is the voice of a young child more beloved than the voice of a young man?

Answer: The pitch of a child’s voice is higher than that of a man’s voice.


Question 191. Who is the inventor of the microphone?

Answer: Graham Bell.


Question 192. The following principle works in an atomic bomb:

Answer: Nuclear fission.


Question 193. A stationary magnet always shows-

Answer: North-North and South-South.


Question 194. The velocity of sound in different mediums-

Answer: Varies and is highest in solids.


Question 195. Decibel is-

Answer: Measurement of a noise level.


Question 196. The reason why the snow-covered mountains does not melt together by the heat of the sun.

Answer: It reflects most of the heat received from the Sun.


Question 197. When 1 kg of a liquid changes from liquid to vapor at its boiling point, what is the heat absorbed in it called?

Answer: Latent energy of vaporization.


Question 198. According to Newton’s second law of motion, which of the following statements is true?

Answer: From this, the definition of force is known.


Question 199. When was the International System of Units introduced?

Answer: 1971 AD



■ Gk questions with Answers on Banks

General knowledge question and answer is a very important subject for all exams. General Knowledge is the section in which the candidate or all the students find it easy to solve a maximum number of questions in less time and can score more marks or scores in the examinations. Banking GK Questions and Answers, Free Bank GK Quiz does not require any special effort for you to memorize the questions in the test but you need to read the questions carefully. 

General Knowledge (Banking & Accountancy) provided here is very important for you to be strong in your general knowledge to get success in UPSC, SSCA, Banking, Railway Exam, Defense Exam, or other exams. Because these questions are asked a lot. If your general knowledge is good then in this you can easily solve more questions in less time and spend the remaining time in maths-reasoning or other subjects questions and get good marks.


Here we collected to General Knowledge Quiz related to Banking which is important for Banking exams like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, IBPS SO, SBI Office Assistant, and other competitive exams as well. Here is a collection of general knowledge questions asked in government bank exams.

Question 200. India’s first ISO was the bank with the certificate that is

Answer: Nara Bank


Question 201. The first bank opened its branch outside India in London in 1946.

Answer: Bank of India


Question 202. The full form of SLR is –

Answer: Statutory Liquidity Ratio


Question 203. The full name of the IPO is –

Answer: Initial Public offering


Question 204. The banking sector comes under which sector?

Answer: Service Sector


Question 205. The first commercial bank in India which was owned and managed entirely by Indians?

Answer: Central Bank of India.


Question 206. Which bank has the largest number of branches in India?

Answer: State Bank of India.


Question 207. What is the old name of the State Bank of India?

Answer: Imperial Bank of India


Question 208. Who is the chairperson of the State Bank of India at present?

Answer: Arundhati Bhattacharya


Question 209. When did the Indian Rupee get a new identity?

Answer: July 15, 2010


Question 210. Through which bank RBI helps to finance India’s foreign trade?

Answer: Exim Bank


Question 211. What is meant by A, AA+, and AAA in the context of investment?

Answer: Credit Rating



■ Gk questions with answers on the Computer 

The first use of the word computer was found in the year 1613 in the book “The Young Man Gleanings” by the English writer Richard Braithwaite. I’ve read about the best computers of the time and the best numerical mathematicians born on Earth. It refers to a person who performed computations, since then the term has been used in this context until the middle of the 20th century. From the end of the nineteenth century, the term took on a more practical form, that is, a device that performs calculations.

All those general knowledge questions related to computers are very important and useful for all types of competitive exams. Collection of Computer GK Questions asked in all types of competitive exams like SSC, IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO, RBI, TET, CTET, UPSC, etc.


Question 212. Who is the inventor of the computer?

Answer: Charles Babbage


Question 213. What was the name of the first computer?

Answer: ENIAC


Question 214. When was the first modern computer invented?

Answer: 1946


Question 215. When did the great revolution come in the field of computers?

Answer: 1960


Question 216. What is the Hindi name of the computer?

Answer: Computer


Question 217. When is Computer Literacy Day celebrated?

Answer: 2nd December


Question 218. What is the full form of CPU?

Answer: Central Processing Unit


Question 219. Who is the inventor of the world wide web

Answer: Tim Berners Lee


Question 220. What is a website address called

Answer: Domain


Question 221. What is the full name of the URL

Answer: Uniform Resource Locator


Question 222. what is the email like

Answer: Like writing a letter


Question 223. What is the minimum amount of RAM needed to access the internet?

Answer: 32 MB


Question224. what is the full name of the IP address

Answer: Internet Protocol address


Question 225. What is the full form of TCP

Answer: Transmission Control Protocol


Question 226. What is the full form of NAT

Answer: Network Address Translator


Question 227. What is the full form of AI

Answer: Artificial Intelligence

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