Match the following Class 7 Social Science

Match the following for Class 7 Social Science

In this article, we are providing you Match the following with Answer All these Match the following questions will help you revise objective type questions which will appear in various kinds of Compititive entrance examinations. All the questions are completely solved to help make your learning simple and effective. Each match the following social science class  7 question has been provided with an accurate solution designed in a simple manner and easy to understand. Practicing these questions will also help you know your weak areas which you may improve by doing a little more hard work on preparation of class 7 social science.

Match the following Class 7 Social Science

1. Match the following Class 7 Social Science History New kings and kingdoms

Gwjara-Pratiharas – Western Deccan

Rashtrakutas – Bengal

Palos – Gujarat and Rajasthan

Cholas – Tamil Nadu


Gurj ara-Pratiharas – Gujarat and Rajasthan

Rashtrakutas – Western Deccan

Palas – Bengal

Cholas – Tamil Nadu

2. Match the following Social Science Class 7 Chapter 1 Environment : 

(i) Biosphere(a) blanket of air which surrounds the earth
(ii) Atmosphere(b) domain of water
(iii) Hydrosphere(d) our surroundings
(iv) Environment(e) narrow zone where the land water and the air interacts
(f) relation between the organisms and their surroundings


(i) Biosphere(e) narrow zone where the land water and the air interacts
(ii) Atmosphere(a) blanket of air which surrounds the earth
(iii) Hydrosphere(b) domain of water
(iv) Environment(d) our surroundings

3. Match the following Class 7 Social Science Chapter 7 – Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities

Garh –        Khel
Tanda –      Chaurasi
Laborer –   Caravan
Clan –         Garha Katanga
Sib Singh – Ahom state
Durgawati – paik

Garh –           Chaurasi
Tanda –         Caravan
laborer –       Paik
Clan –            Khel
Sib Singh –   Ahom state
Durgawati – Garha Katanga

4. Match the following Social Science Class 7 Chapter 8 – Human Environment Interactions – The Tropical and the Subtropical Region

(i) Cotton textile (a) Assam
(ii) Maloca      (b) Terrace farming
(iii) Piranha         (c) Sericulture
(iv) Silk worm (d) Slanting roof
(v) Kaziranga (e) Ganga plain
–                              (f) Varanasi
–                              (g) Fish
(i) Cotton textile (f) Varanasi
(ii) Maloca         (d) Slanting roof
(iii) Piranha         (g) Fish
(iv) Silk worm (c) Sericulture
(v) Kaziranga (a) Assam

5. Match the Following Class 7 Social Science Our Pasts – 2 Chapter 9 The Making of Regional Cultures :


Answer :


6. Match the following Class 7 Geography Social Science Chapter 9 Life in the Temperate Grasslands
(i) Comboys    (a) Iron and Steel
(ii) Gold           (b) Prairies
(iii) Kudu        (c) Hot wind
(iv) Chinook   (d) Velds
(v) Coal           (e) Johannesberg   
                         (f) Animal

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