MCQ on Water with Answers Pdf

Multiple Choice Questions on Water

1. What is the main source of water?

A. Rain Water

B. Lakes

C. Ocean

D. River

Answer: A

2. Which one is the purest form of water?

A. Rainwater

B. Water Vapor

C. Ice

D. None of these

Answer: A

3. The role of water in living organisms does not include_______

A. as a good solvent

B. participate in chemical reactions

C. Transport nutrients and waste

D. provide energy

Answer: D

4. Potable water is_______

A. ocean water

B groundwater at selected places

C. river water

D. ponds water

Answer: B

5. One of the reasons why organisms cannot live normally without water is that_______

A. Provides the power to transport material

B. Water exists in cells in two forms

C. Determines the direction of material transport

D. Many chemical reactions in cells must involve water

Answer: D

6. How much percentage of water does a human body contains?

A. 60%

B. 70%

C. 80%

D. 90%

Answer: B

7. Water is a good solvent in organisms and a medium for various chemical reactions. Which of the following statements about water is true_________

A. Like carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, water provides energy to the human body

B. The chemical reaction in the ribosome produces water

C. When the body is dehydrated, the plasma concentration will decrease

D. The main components of biofilms are proteins, phospholipids, and water

Answer: B

8. Boiling point of water is________

A. 100°C

B. 99°C

C. 101°C

D. 102°C

Answer: A

9. Which of the following statements about water in the body is correct________

A. The ratio of free water to bound water in plants increases in winter

B. Plant cells can penetrate and absorb water

C. Aerobic respiration involves both the participation of water and the generation of water

D. The same amount of glucose and fat can be completely oxysomed and decomposed to produce the same amount of water

Answer: C

10. Which of the following statements about water content in cells is incorrect_________

A. Water is the most abundant compound in human cells

B. Cells of older adults contain less water than infants

C. Freeze-resistant plant cells have a high free water content

D. The more vigorous the metabolism, the higher the amount of free water in the cells

Answer: C

11. Water is the source of life. The following statements about water and life activities are incorrect________

A. The complete oxidation and decomposition of pyruvic acid to CO2 requires the participation of water

B. Water is the common metabolic end product of aerobic and anaerobic respiration

C. Oxygen in labeled oxygen consumed by aerobic respiration can be detected in the product water

D. The process of converting ATP to ADP requires water

Answer: B

12. Water is the source of life, and all living things are inseparable from water. Which of the following statements about water is incorrect?

A. Water is the most abundant compound in cells

B. The same organism has different water content in different growth and development stages

C. The water lost during the drying of seeds is mainly bound water

D. Free water and bound water can be converted into each other

Answer: C

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