NCERT Class 8 science chapter 12 MCQs

Class 8 science chapter 12 : Friction MCQs

Friction is important Chapter for class 8 students appearing for CBSE board exam as well as NEET Aspirants also. Below we are provided MCQ on Friction class 8 Prepared by subject experts and students can refer these Friction MCQ Questions for their CBSE board exam preparation. Below MCQ questions and answer are prepare for class 8 students. These fully solved MCQ questions are applicable to all college students, freshers or experienced as well as various tests & contests in colleges. CBSE board Aspirants can enhance their knowledge by regular practice which will help them crack any exam. These MCQs provided here help students to understand each Concept of the chapter in the easy and interesting way. Students can practice these MCQ thoroughly in order to score maximum marks in the CBSE board exam.

MCQs On Friction class 8

MCQs On Friction class 8 pdf

1.The maximum value of friction is known as the______________

(a) initial friction

(b) force of limiting friction

(c) fixed friction

(d) inertia

Answer B

2. Friction is a___________

(a) non-contact force

(b) contact force

(c) magnetic force

(d) electrostatic force

Answer: B

3. Which of the following produces least friction?

(a) Sliding friction

(b) Rolling friction

(c) Composite friction

(d) Static friction

Answer: B

4. Friction can be reduced by using________

(a) oil

(b) grease

(c) powder

(d) all of these

Answer: D

5. The shape of an aeroplane is like a_____________

(a) dog

(b) bird

(c) car

(d) all of these

Answer: B

6. The force of friction depends upon___________

(a) Nature of surface of contact

(b) Material of objects in contact

(c) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

(d) None of the above

Answer: C

7 . The ratio of the limiting force of friction (F) to the normal reaction (R) is known as___________

(a) Coefficient of friction

(b) Force of friction

(c) Angle of friction

(d) None of the above

Answer: A

8. Force of friction depends on___________

(a) Smoothness of surface

(b) Roughness of surface

(c) Inclination of surface

(d) All of the above

Answer: D

9. Which of the following statements is correct?

(a) Rolling is easier than sliding.

(b) Sliding is easier than rolling.

(c) Dragging is easier than sliding.

(d) Dragging is easier than rolling.

Answer: A

10. Friction opposes the __________ between two surfaces in contact.

(a) Reflective motion

(b) Relative motion

(c) Rotary motion

(d) Refractive motion

Answer: B

11. In machine, friction between moving parts is reduced by___________

(a) Heating machine

(b) Using powder

(c) Using lubricants

(d) Using paints

Answer: C

12.  Which of the following statements is not true?

(a) Friction can be reduced by converting sliding friction into rolling friction.

(b) Friction in air and water can be reduced by streamlining the shape of the objects.

(c) A polished surface will have less friction.

(d) Friction can be reduced to zero.

Answer: D


13. It is easier to hold a earthen pot than steel pot as____________

(a) Earthen pot has less friction

(b) Steel pot is comparatively heavier

(c) Earthen pot has more friction

(d) Steel pot has more friction

Answer: C

14. Which of the following kinetic friction is smaller?

(a) Limiting friction

(b) Static friction

(c) Rolling friction

(d) Sliding friction

Answer: C

15. How is friction due to air reduced?

a) Streamlining

b) Lubrication

c) By using ball bearings

d) By polishing

Answer: A

16. Friction can be increased by ___________

a) Using air cushion

b) Lubricants

c) Using sand

d) Using ball bearings

Answer: C

17. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

(a) Friction acts on a ball rolling along the ground.

(b) Friction acts on a boat moving on water

(c) Friction acts on a bicycle moving on a smooth road.

(d) Friction does not act on a ball moving through air.

Answer: D

18. Which of the following will produce the maximum friction?

(a) Rubbing of sand paper on glazed paper

(b) Rubbing of sand paper on glass table top

(c) Rubbing of sand paper on aluminium frame

(d) Rubbing of sand paper on sand paper

Answer:  D

19. The Weight of an object can be measured by a_____________

(a) Beam balance

(b) Analytical balance

(c) Spring balance

(d) Physical balance

Answer:  C

20. Which of the following should be used to reduce friction on a carrom board?

(a) A lubricating oil

(b) A dry lubricant

(c) A layer of grease

(d) A ball bearing

Answer:  B

21. Rolling friction is smaller than?

 (a) Sliding friction

 (b) Static friction

 (c) Fluid friction

 (d) All of the above

Answer: D

22. What kind of substances are known as lubricants? 

(a) Increase friction

(b) Decrease friction

(c) Increase or decrease friction

(d) None of these

Answer: B

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