Two sparrow funny story in english

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Two sparrow funny story in english

Two sparrow story

Two birds named Chikki, Mikki, lived in a nest.  Both were very lazy.  It was winter.  Cold air was blowing everywhere.  It was also snowing.  Incidentally there was a hole in their nest.

 Their nest used to cool down due to cold air coming from the hole.  Both Chikki and Mikki would have severe chills.  Chikki thought, ‘I wonder why Mikki doesn’t fix this hole.’  On the other hand, Mikki thought, ‘Chikki is very lazy.  Why wouldn’t she fix this hole? ‘  In this way, both of them were expecting each other to close that hole.  As a result, their nest hole remained the same.  Gradually the snowfall intensified and the wind also started moving fast.

Now snow entered their nest through the hole.  Now the lazy birds started shivering from the cold, but no one tried to close the hole, the last two died from the cold.  Thus, due to their lazy nature, both sparrows became victims of premature death.

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