MCQ on Half Life with Answers

MCQ on Half-Life with Answers: 1. What is half-life? a) The time it takes for a substance to decay to half its initial mass b) The time it takes for a substance to decay completely c) The time it takes for a substance to reach its maximum decay rate d) The time it takes for … Read more

MCQ on valence bond theory with Answers

Valence Bond Theory MCQ Questions and Answers: It is a theory that describes chemical bonding. valence bond theory states that the overlap of incompletely filled atomic orbitals leads to the formation of a chemical bond between two atoms. The unpaired electrons are shared and a hybrid orbital is formed. The Valence bond theory was proposed … Read more

MCQ on Pharmacology Pdf

Multiple Choice Questions on Pharmacology:  1. Pharmacology is________ A. Study pharmacokinetics B. Study microorganisms  C. A science that studies the laws and mechanisms of interaction between drugs and the body D. The science of studying the clinical application of drugs Answer: C 2 . Pharmacodynamics is the study of_______ A. The science of the action … Read more

MCQ on Molar Mass

Molar Mass MCQ Questions and Answers:  1. The molar mass of the carbonate ion is________ A. 60 B. 60g C. 60g/cm3 D. 60g/mol Answer: D 2. Which of the following statements is correct________ A. The mass of 1mol CO2 is 44g/mol B. The molar mass of the aluminum ion is 27 g C. The molar … Read more