MCQ on Filtration with Answers

Multiple Choice Questions on Filtration: 1. What is the main purpose of filtration? a) To separate solids from liquids b) To remove impurities from a solution c) To purify a gas d) All of the above Answer: D 2. Which of the following is not the application of filtration? a) Sterilization of media b) Removal … Read more

Autoclave MCQ Questions and Answers

Multiple Choice Questions on Autoclave: What is Autoclave? Autoclaves are machines that use pressurized steam to kill or eliminate microorganisms from an object. An autoclave is also known as a high-pressure steam sterilizer. The autoclave was invented by Charles Chamberland in 1879. At that time, researchers began to understand the advantages of aseptic surgery, and … Read more

MCQ on Ultrasound with Answers Pdf

Multiple Choice Questions on Ultrasound /  Sonography MCQ :  Below we collected MCQ on Ultrasound to prepare students for  Exam. These MCQ questions  provided in below Links are strengthen students foundation in the subject and give them the ability to solve different types of MCQ questions easily. Our Ultrasound MCQ with Answers give students an advantage … Read more

MCQ for CBT Ultrasound Exam

MCQ for CBT Ultrasound Exam Pdf :  As we know most of the competitive exams are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) based examination system and the main factor is to answer each question in a prescribed time on computer as Computer based test (CBT). So, if you want to crack any CBT Test practice as much … Read more