Class 12 Biology Chapter 10 MCQs (Human Health and Diseases MCQ)

Class 12 Biology Chapter 10 MCQs (Human Health and Diseases MCQ)

Class 12 biology chapter 10 MCQs (Human Health and Diseases MCQ)

1. Which of the following is NOT caused by unsterilized needles?
    a. Elephantiasis
    b. AIDS
    c. Malaria
    d. Hepatitis B
Answer : Elephantiasis
2. Opium derivative is …………..
    a. Codeine
    b. Caffeine
    c. Heroin
    d. Psilocybin
Answer : Codeine 
3. The stimulant present in tea is ………….
    a. tannin
    b. cocaine
    c. caffeine
    d. crack
Answer : Caffeine
4. Which of the following is caused by smoking?
    a. Liver cirrhosis
    b. Pulmonary tuberculosis
    c. Emphysema
    d. Malaria
Answer : Pulmonary tuberculosis
5. An antibody is ……………
    a. molecule that binds specifically an                  antigen
    b. WBC which invades bacteria
    c. secretion of mammalian RBC
    d. cellular component of blood
Answer : Molecule that binds specifically an antigen
6. The antiviral proteins released by a virus-infected cell are called …………
    a. histamines
    b. interferons
    c. pyrogens
    d. allergens
Answer : Interferons
7. Both B-cells and T-cells are derived from ………………..
    a. lymph nodes
    b. thymus glands
    c. liver
    d. stem cells in bone marrow
Answer : Stem cells in bone marrow
8. Which of the following diseases can be contracted by droplet infection?
    a. Malaria
    b. Chicken pox
    c. Pneumonia
    d. Rabies
Answer : Malaria 
9. Confirmatory test used for detecting HIV infection is ……………..
    a. ELISA
    b. Western blot
    c. Widal test
    d. Eastern blot
Answer : ELISA 
10. Elephantiasis is caused by …………
    a. W. bancrofti
    b. P. vivax
    c. Bedbug
    d. Elephant
Answer : W. bancrofti 
11. Innate immunity is provided by ………..
    a. phagocytes
    b. antibody
    c. T- Lymphocytes
    d. B- Lymphocytes
Answer : Phagocytes.
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