Class 12 Biology Chapter 15 MCQs (Biodiversity)

Class 12 Biology Chapter 15 MCQs (Biodiversity)


Class 12 Biology Chapter 15 MCQs (Biodiversity)


1. Observe the graph and select correct option.

   a. Line A represents, S=CA2
   b. Line B represents, log C= log A + Z log S
   c. Line A represents, S=CAZ
   d. Line B represents, log S= log Z + C log A

Answer : C

2. Select odd one out on the basis of Ex
situ conservation.
    a. Zoological park
    b. Tissue culture
    c. Sacred groves
    d. Cryopreservation

Answer : zoological park

3. Which of the following factors will
favour species diversity?
    a. Invasive species
    b. Glaciation
    c. Forest canopy
    d. co extinction

Answer : ——–

4. The term “terror of Bengal’ is used for
    a. algal bloom
    b. water hyacinth
    c. increased BOD
    d. eutrophication

Answer : Water hyacinth
Explanation : The plant water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) is nicknamed as the “Terror of Bengal” because it grows at an alarming rate and spreads on the surface of the water body. This cut out of the light and it also causes an increase in the oxygen demand. Thus, causing the death of fishes and other aquatic organisms.

5. CFC are air polluting agents which are produced by ___________.
    a. Diesel trucks
    b. Jet planes
    c. Rice fields
    d. Industries

Answer : Industries


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