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Management of Natural Resources MCQ:

Here you will find a list of the most important Multiple Choice Questions on the management of natural resources with answers for competitive exams like CBSE Class 10 science chapter 16 MCQs. These frequently asked sample questions are given with the correct choice of answer that you can check instantly. Presently we have added more than 20 MCQ questions to class 10 Sciencee chapter 16 for your practice. We will keep adding more questions and provide this question bank in PDF format so that you can download them instantly in E-book style.

mcqs on management of natural resources

MCQ on Management of Natural Resources class 10

 1 ._______ can deplete the ozone layer.

1. Nitrogen

2. Oxygen

3. CFC

4. Carbon dioxide

Answer: CFC

2. The most rapidly dwindling resource in the world is ______

1. Air

2. Water

3. Sunlight

4. Forests

Answer: Forests

3. Which one is the following is not a natural resource?

1. Mango tree

2. Snake

3. Wind

4. Wooden house

Answer: Wooden house

4. Which of the following is not a natural resource?

1. Water

2. Fruits

3. Tree

4. Wooden boat

Answer: Wooden boat

5. The green color of plants is due to the presence of____________

1. Chlorophyll

2. Carotene

3. Xanthophylls

4. All of these

Answer: Chlorophyll

6. What is Conservation?

1. Proper use of natural resources

2. Protection of natural resources

3. Management of natural resources

4. All of these.

Answer: Proper use of natural resources

7. Expand the abbreviation GAP?

1. government agency for pollution control

2. gross assimilation for photosynthesis

3. Ganga Action Plan

4. government agency for animal protection

Answer: Ganga Action Plan

8. Which of the following is the best method from an environmental point of view?

1. Reduce

2. Recycle

3. Reuse

4. All of above

Answer: All of above

9. Tehri Dam is built on the river ______________

1. the Yamuna

2. Ganga

3. Satluj

4. Bhagirathi

Answer: Bhagirathi

10. What is coliform?

1. Group of bacteria

2. Group of viruses

3. Group of microorganisms 

4. Group of diseases

Answer:  Group of bacteria


11. The following problem arises when a dam is built ________________

1. Social problems

2. Environmental problems

3. Economic problems

4. All

Answer: All

12. The quality of the environment can be improved by__________

1. Deforestation

2. Overuse of the natural environment

3. Erosion

4. Conservation

Answer: Conservation

13. Government launched the ‘Ganga Action Plan’ (GAP) project in 1985. What is the main purpose of this project?

1. Build new dams over the Ganga river

2. Make its water pollution-free

3. Utilize the river water for irrigation purposes

4. Promote the growth of water animals like fish, in the river

Answer: Make its water pollution-free

14. What is the purpose of rainwater harvesting?

1. To hold rainwater on the surface of the earth.

2. To recharge groundwater.

3. To use water for the irrigation of crops.

4. To rear fish

Answer:  To recharge groundwater

15. Which of the following community in Rajasthan has a religious tenet of conservation of forest and wildlife?

1. Munda

2. Jaiswal

3. Bishnoi

4. Jain

Answer: Bishnoi

16. Arabari forests of Bengal is dominated by___________

1. Teak

2. Sal

3. Bamboo

4. Mangrove

Answer: Sal

17. Who started chipko andalon?

1 A. K. Banerjee

2. Amrita devi bisni

3. Sundar lal Bahuguna

4. Medha patkart

Answer: Sundar lal Bahuguna

18. _______________ is a major program that was started to replenish the damaged forests.

1. Agriculture

2. Tissue culture

3. Silviculture

4. Horticulture

Answer: Silviculture

19. Which of the following is not a use of forest?

1. Controls floods.

2. Used to make paper.

3. Causes soil erosion.

4. Resin, gum, and drugs are obtained.

Answer: Causes soil erosion.

20. Pick out the following which has no fossil fuel.

1. Wind, ocean, and coal

2. Kerosene, wind, and tide

3. Wind, wood, sun

4. Petroleum, wood, sun

Answer: Wind, wood, sun

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