MCQ on Excel – functions, formulas, charts, shortcut keys

  • Microsoft Excel (Microsoft Office Excel) is a spreadsheet program created by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows, Windows NT, and Mac OS, as well as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.
  • The Microsoft Excel program is convenient for drawing up tables and making calculations. A workspace is a set of cells that can be filled with data.
  • Excel allows you to quickly and efficiently analyze data, visualize your work, create reports, optimize costs and increase profits based on them.
  • Excel greatly facilitates the task of counting and analyzing various data in tables.
  • Apart from organizing the data, MS Excel provides the facility to make calculations, make decisions, graph the data, generate reports, work with the data on the website, etc.
  • In this, many formulas, and functions are given to do mathematical or logical calculations of the biggest data, using which any big calculations can also be done in a pinch.
  • In Excel, any data is arranged in rows and columns and the systematic form of these rows and columns is called a worksheet. A worksheet has 10,48,576 rows and 16,384 columns.
  • The food made by cutting rows and columns is called cells. In these cells, we fill any data. The number of cells in a worksheet is 17,17,98,69,184.
  • The complete file of MS Excel is called a workbook. A maximum of 255 worksheets can be created in a workbook.
  • Excel is useful for Financiers and financial analysts, Banking professionals, Business Consultants, Accountants, Marketers, Entrepreneurs and managers, Business Analytics, etc.

Features of MS Excel

  • The User Interface of MS Excel is very simple, Microsoft has designed it in such a way that any person can start their own business in no time by taking basic training in MS Excel.
  • This is the world’s most trusted Spread Sheet Program, without this computer knowledge is incomplete, and complex calculations can be done very easily with the help of MS Excel, if you have learned MS Excel once, then you will find work somewhere.
  • The design of MS Excel is like this in which you get Automatic Tables made, no need to create tables, you open Excel and you can start Data Entry.
  • MS Excel Formulas Make The Work Easier If You Take Basic Knowledge Of Excel Formulas Then Many Hours Of Work Can Be Done In Minutes With The Help Of Excel Formulas Which Are Auto Updated Also
  • In MS Excel, one seat to another seat and one file to another file can also be linked, no matter how much data you have, Excel will handle it.
  • You Can Create Automatic Charts And Dashboard Through MS Excel.
MCQ on Excel with Answer

MCQ on Excel with Answer:

1. Another name for a pre-programmed formula in Excel is____________

A. Cell

B. Graph

C. Function

D. Range

Answer: C

2. By default, the extension of an Excel document is__________ 

A. doc

B. ppt

C. Xls


Answer: C


3. Microsoft Excel Worksheet command is used?

A. To organize all the worksheets

B. Displaying the range

C. To change the worksheet

D. All of the above

Answer: A


4. The entire worksheet of Excel is selected together, by the shortcut key_______


B. CTRL + All



Answer: A


5. The shortcut for Macros in Excel is_______

A. ALT + F9

B. ALT + F8

C. ALT + F11

D. All of the above

Answer: B


6. There is a shortcut key to apply data format in MS Excel_________ 





Answer: A


7. If you use the same formula for multiple calculations in Excel, then it is__________

A. Standard Formula

B. array formula

C. Complex Formula

D. Smart Formula

Answer: B


8. Which of the following data is not validated in Excel______ 





Answer: C


9. Which is the latest version of Excel______

A. Excel-2000

B. Excel-2002

C. Excel- M.E.

D. Excel-SP

Answer: D


10. The extension of the file created in Excel is_________




D. 123

Answer: A


11. Which of the following is the oldest spreadsheet package______


B. LOTUS 1-2-3

C. Excel


Answer: A


12. Which of the following is the extension name of the file made in Lotus________ 



C. 123


Answer: C


13. How many columns are there in an Excel worksheet______

A. 128

B. 256

C. 512

D. 1024

Answer: B


14. How many rows are there in a worksheet_________

A. 256

B. 1,024

C. 32,000

D. 65,536

Answer: D


15. What is the total number of worksheets in the Excel file______

A. 512

B. 15

C. 100

D. 10

Answer: B


16. How many letters and lines are present in the monitor______

A. 82 characters and 25 lines

B. 80 characters and 25 lines

C. 85 characters and 28 lines

D. 80 characters and 24 lines

Answer: B


17. Excel’s worksheet and chart are used on HTML document____

A. Internet

B. Internet Assistant Wizard

C. HTML Assistant Wizard

D. Link Wizard

Answer: B


18. Which symbol is used before writing any formula in the formula bar in Excel?

A. “=”

B. “@”

C. “#”

D. “$”

Answer: A


19. What are many worksheets called in Excel_____

A. Excel Sheet

B. Worksheet

C. Excel Worksheet

D. Excel Book

Answer: B


20. What is the name of a field between Column and Row in MS Excel worksheet______

A. Square

B. Cubicle

C. Cell

D. Works sheet

Answer: C


21. What is the total size of the Excel worksheet_________

A. High Level

B. Low Level

C. Middle Level

D. Machine Level

Answer: B


22. Which option is displayed in both Excel and PowerPoint by pressing Function-Key with Control in MS Excel file______

A. Find Menu

B. Point Menu

C. Special Check Option

D. New Page Option

Answer: A


23. What happens with the F-11 key in MS Excel file_____

A. Macros open

B. Chart menu opens

C. Row is inserted

D. All of the above

Answer: B


24. Pivot Table is related to_____

A. Excel

B. E-mail

C. chat

D. Mother Board

Answer: A


25. What is the intersection of a column and a row on a worksheet called?

A. Column

B. Value

C. Address

D. Cell

Answer: D


26. The option for setting the horizontal alignment of Excel cells is__________

A. Centered

B. Vertically centered

C. top alignment

D. Align the bottom

Answer: A


27. Which function Excel tells how many numeric entries are there?





Answer: B


28. In Excel, if the content of a cell starts with “=”. Then the content of the cell is

A. Constant

B. Formula

C. prompt information

D. Invalid data

Answer: B


29. In the Excel table, “D3” means that the cell is located in__________

A. row 4, column 3

B. row 3, column 4

C. row 3, column 3

D. row 4, column 4

Answer: B


30. How do you display the current date only in MS Excel?

A. Date

B. Today

C. Now

D. Time

Answer: B


31. Functions should be used when performing numerical analysis in Excel. Which of the following statements about functions is correct________

A. The Average function can find the number of data in the selected area

B. The Sum(∑) function can calculate the sum of the selected area data

C. Count function can sort the data of the selected area in descending order

D. The Max function is to find the minimum value of the data in the selected area

Answer: B


32. Excel is a program that is used to prepare a______

A. Slide presentation

B. Spreadsheet

C. Text document

D. Database

Answer: B


33. What does the COUNTA function do?

A. Counts cells having alphabets

B. Counts empty cells

C. Counts cells having a number

D. Counts non-empty cells

Answer: D


34. Wang Liang wants to compare whether his performance has improved or regressed in the previous unit tests. Which chart he uses to analyze his performance is more intuitive_______

A. Column chart

B. Bar chart

C. Line chart

D. Pie chart

Answer: C


35. Which of the following statements about table information processing is incorrect_______

A. An Excel workbook can only have one worksheet

B. The Sum function can perform a summation operation

C. B3 represents the cell address in row 3, column B

D. Subtotals may make each group of data paginated after classification

Answer: A


36. A circular reference is______

A. Geometric modeling tool

B. A cell that points to a drawing object

C. A formula that either directly or indirectly depends on itself

D. Always erroneous

Answer: C


37. In the Excel worksheet, the number of cells contained in the cell range D2:E4 is

A. 5

B. 6

C. 7

D. 8

Answer: B


38. The survey data shows that 100 primary school students have books for use, 356 foreign books, 879 tutorial books, and 425 classics. To use Excel to make a “primary school book ratio chart”, the type of chart that should be selected is_______

A. Column chart

B. Line chart

C. Pie chart

D. bar graph

Answer: C


39. If you want to use Excel charts to intuitively analyze the changing trend of English grades, the most suitable type of chart is_________

A. Column chart

B. Line chart

C. Pie chart

D. bar graph

Answer: B


40. Which of the following descriptions about Excel is correct_________

A. An Excel workbook has only 3 worksheets

B. The default extension of the Excel workbook is doc

C. F2 represents the cells in row 6 and column 2

D. The Max function can calculate the maximum value of a set of data

Answer: D


41. Which of the following is not true regarding Conditional Formatting?

A. You can add more than one condition to check

B. You can set conditions to look for Bold and apply Italics to them

C. You can apply Font border and pattern formats that meet the specified conditions

D. You can delete any condition from the Conditional Formatting dialog box if it is not required

Answer: B


42. In an Excel worksheet, the sales statistics of commodities are stored. I want to use the “filtering” function to select all commodities with a sales volume of not less than 5000 and a sales volume of less than 2000. The filtering conditions should be_______

A. “greater than 5000” and “less than 2000”

B. “greater than or equal to 5000” and “less than 2000 ”

C. “greater than or equal to 5000” or “less than 2000”

D. “greater than 5000” or “less than or equal to 2000”

Answer: C


43. In Excel, if the formula in cell C1 is =A1+B2, and copy it to cell E5, the formula in E5 is_______

A. =C3+A4

B. =C5+ D6

C. =C3+D4

D. A3 +B4

Answer: B


44. How the transcripts of 4 students made by Excel, which have been sorted in descending order, and the applied keywords are_______

A. Mathematics

B. language

C. English

D. Total score

Answer: D


45. If you want to quickly find out the top 20 students with the best grades in the “Grade Sheet”, a reasonable method is_________

A. Sort the score table

B. Strictly enter the grades according to the high and low points when the grades are required to be entered

C. can only read one by one

D. to make a classification summary

Answer: A

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