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Computer GK Awareness MCQs and Quiz are important for every student appearing for the competitive entrance exams such as Banking, IBPS, RRB, RBI, SBI Exams, UPSC, and State PCS Exams of all states. Below we are provided Basic Computer Knowledge Questions Prepared by subject experts and students can refer to this computer GK for competitive exams for their exam preparation. 

Below Top 100 Most Important Computer GK Question and answer 2025 are prepared for every student who wants to clear their entrance exam. This fully solved computer MCQ for competitive exams applies to all college students, freshers, or experienced as well as various tests & contests in colleges. Aspirants can enhance their knowledge through regular practice which will help them crack any exam. 

This computer GK in English provided here helps students to understand each Concept of the chapter easily and interestingly. Students can practice these gk computer questions online tests thoroughly to score maximum marks in competitive exams.

Computer GK Questions with Answers Pdf

1. What is computer science?
Answer: It is the science that deals with the study and application of automatic information processing.

2. What is the computer?
Answer: It is an electronic system that allows data entry, processing, and storage.

3. What is hardware?
Answer: They are the physical and tangible components, the parts that can be seen and touched.

4. What is software?
Answer: They are the intangible and logical paths, which enable the computer to carry out all the processes.

5. What are input devices?
Answer: They are elements that allow the user to enter data, information, commands, and computer programs.

6. What are the most used input devices?
Answer: Keyboard, mouse, scanner, CD-ROM, joystick, microphone, and digital camera.

7. What is the keyboard?
Answer: It allows communication between the user and the computer.

8. What is the mouse or mouse?
Answer: it is used for easy navigation when operating programs, which appear on the monitor in graphical environments.

9. What is the scanner?
Answer: This device is used to digitize images or text.

10. What is the microphone?
Answer: It allows you to record voice or sound and store the information in an audio file.

11. What does the joystick consist of?
Answer: It consists of a lever or control that allows you to move the cursor or object on the screen as in video games.

12. What is a webcam?
Answer: It is a video camera designed for computers, it allows you to see the interlocutor while connecting to the internet to talk with people who are far away.

13. The output devices are those that?
Answer: They are those that we use to obtain the information that is stored in the memory of the computer and that is processed.

14. What is a monitor?
Answer: It is the main output device of a computer since thanks to it we can observe information.

15. What are the headphones for?
Answer: They are devices placed in the ear to be able to listen to the sounds of the sound card that it sends.

16. What are search engines?
Answer: They store all the information they extract from the pages in their databases and when someone consults them they manage to offer the results in milliseconds.

17. What are search engines? 
Answer: They are search engines that do not have a database, so they use the database of other search engines.

18. How does a monotask work? 
Answer: one task can be performed at a time per user.
19. Mentions 3 different types of operating systems?
Answer: Mac, Linux, Windows 7

20. What is a floppy disk used for? 
Answer: It works as a portable medium to save and read the information
21. What does the optical disk use to store information? 
Answer: Use laser beams to record data onto a plastic disk
22. How does a file virus work? 
Answer: It infects the file with .exe and .com extensions.

23. How macro virus works?
Answer: It infects files that have been created with certain applications such as text documents, databases, spreadsheets, etc.

24. What is the purpose of the tables? 
Answer: It is to facilitate the distribution of information that can be textual
25. How files are classified?
Answer: Audio, video, compressed, images, text

26. What is a directory for?
Answer: Allows you to search for information by separating topics into general categories after the category or subcategory is selected.
27. What does the internet mean?
Answer: comes from the same interconnected net Works which means the interconnection of networks
28. What is the function of the host computer?
Answer: It is a network server that provides services to other computers that connect to the
29. What does it mean www?
Answer: World Wide Web

30. What is the purpose of tables in a document?
Answer: It is to facilitate the distribution of information that can be textual, numbered, or even graphic
31. What is the phenomenon that currently dominates the internet service?
Answer: Web 2.0

32. Mentions 3 hardware output devices?
Answer: monitor, printer speakers

33. What are the types of software in general use? 
Answer: Word processor, spreadsheets, graphics manager, database manager, communications manager.

34. What is the paint?
Answer: It is a drawing tool that you can use to create simple or complicated drawings.

35. What are the chips for?
Answer: They allow you to select different sets of options within the same dialog box
36. What is an icon?
Answer: It is used to represent items such as computers, drives, printers, applications, files, or recycling stationery.

37. What is the taskbar?
Answer: It shows us information about the open applications in the environment and other system details such as the current time

38. What is the function of the fax?
Answer: It is a device by which a copy of another transmitted print is printed.

39. What is the printer?
Answer: It is one of the most used devices, both in the office and at home. It allows having the record on a sheet of paper of the information contained in the computer.

40. What does the operating system do?
Answer: It is the software on which the other applications installed on the computer work and it is the most important of the programs.

41. How many and what are the operating systems that exist?
Answer: Single, multitask, single-thread, multi-thread, single-user, and multi-user.

42. What is a storage medium?
Answer: They are the ones in charge of storing the data that the CPU uses, to save and retrieve information.

43. What is the function of the hard drive?
Answer: It is the most important storage medium because it is where files are saved when working on the computer.

44. What is a file?
Answer: It is a set of data that is stored in a certain format, the file can be recorded on the computer’s hard drive or on some other storage medium.

45. What is a folder?
Answer: It is a space that is used to store documents or files in storage units and helps to sort files by name to locate them easily.

46. Are they programs that are introduced into our computers in a very diverse way to damage our information?
Answer: virus

47. What is the function of an antivirus
Answer: It is a program that prevents or avoids the activation of a virus as well as its programming

48. What is the internet?
Answer: It is the global communications system that links thousands of individual networks and that is why it is known as the network of networks.

49. Is a set of linked and cross-referenced information available to the public eye?
Answer: LAN network

50. What can a word processor be applied to?
Answer: Creation, edition, imprecise

51. What are the advantages of using a text processor?
Answer: Documents can be partially saved for you to use as many times as necessary

51. What is the vertical scroll bar for?
Answer: Used to scroll through the pages of a document

Computer knowledge MCQ with Answer

1. Which of the following is the communication protocol used by the Internet?
Answer: B

2. By whom was the laptop manufactured in 1981?
A. George Bulle
B. Blaise Pascal
C. Adam Osborne
D. Hermann Hollerith
Answer: C

3. What is the extended form of XML?
A. Extra Markup Language
B. Extreme Markup Language
C. Extensible Markup Language
D. Extraction Markup Language
Answer: C

4. What is the extended form of FLOPS?
A. Flat Point Operations Per Second
B. Floating Point Operations Per Second
C. Flying Point Operations Per Second
D. Flash Point Operator Per Second
Answer: B

5. Which is not database management software?
A. Microsoft Access
C. Oracle
D. Drupal
Answer: D

6. First Indian web browser built for Indian users________
A. Internet Explorer
B. Mozilla
C. Epic
D. Google Chrome
Answer: C

7. Punchcards and paper tape was used for storage in the computers of this generation?
A. First Generation
B. Second Generation
C. Third Generation
D. Fourth Generation
Answer: A

8. By whom do people sit far away and do the work of buying, selling, and transacting goods and services through the Internet?
A. Through the Internet
B. Via E-mail
C. Through e-commerce
D. Through website
Answer: C

9. Which of these devices makes it easier to play games on a computer?
A. Pen Drive
B. Mouse
C. keyboard
D. joystick
Answer: D

10. All computers have input units except which one of the following examples?
A. Scanner
B. Speaker
C. Bar Code Reader
D. keyboard
Answer: B

11. Who among the following is called the ‘Father of Computer’?
 A. Hermann Hollerith
 B. Charles Babbage
 C. Bells Pascal
 D. Joseph Jacquard
Answer: B

12. Which was the first supercomputer in India?
Answer: A

13. What is the full form of e-mail?
 A. electronic mail
 B. Electrical Mail
 C. elastic mail
 D. none of these
Answer: A

14. What is a Computer Monitor _______?
 A. storage device
 B. input device
 C. output device
 D. none of these
Answer: C

15. What is the smallest unit of computer data?
 A. bit
 B. Byte
 C. Record
 D. File
Answer: A

16. What is Apple?
 A. a fruit
 B. computer network
 C. a fourth-generation computer
 D. computer language
Answer: C

17. Which unit is used to measure the speed of data?
 A. Megahertz
 B. Character per second
 C. Bit per second
 D. Nanosecond
Answer: C

18. What is the full form of ALU?
 A. Access Logic Unit
 B. Array Logic Unit
 C. Arithmetic Logic Unit
 D. Artificial Logic Unit
Answer: C

19. Which language is implemented in all computers?
 A. BASIC language
 B. Machine language
 C. FORTRON language
 D. COBOL language
Answer: B

20. What is the full form of CAD?
 A. Computer-Added Design
 B. Computer Algorithm Design
 C. Computer Application in Design
 D. Compact Added Design
Answer: A

21. In which generation was the Integrated Circuit (I.C) invented?
 A. First Generation
 B. Second Generation
 C. Third Generation
 D. Fourth Generation
Answer: C

22. ____ is an example of an input device.
 A. Printer
 B. Monitor
 C. Scanner
Answer: C

23. Which one is grouped from smallest to largest according to the data?
 A. KB, MB, TB, GB
 B. KB, MB, GB, TB
 C. MB, KB, GB, TB
 D. MB, TB, GB, GB
Answer: B

24. What is the full form of DTP?
 A. Desk Top Publishing
 B. Daily Text Publishing
 C. Desk Top Printing
 D. Daily Text Printing
Answer: A

25. Who developed the Graphical User Interface?
A. Xerox Corporation
B. Microsoft
C. Google
D. Apple Computer
Answer: A

26. Which shortcut key is used to open the Insert menu in MS Word?
A. Shift+O
B. Shift+I
C. Alt+O
D. Alt+I
Answer: D

27. Which of the following statement is true regarding the operating systems?
A. It establishes the connection between the hardware and the user.
B. To prepare the background for the implementation of the application software.
C. Indicates various computer errors related to hardware and software.
D. All of the above
Answer: D

28. Which statement is true about POS machines?
A. Its full name is Point of Sale Machine.
B. In this, cashless transactions are done.
C. Debit or credit card is used for the transaction.
D. All of the above
Answer: D

29. A computer virus that usually attacks other computer programs by itself is called______
A. Backdoor Program
B. Targeted Program
C. Host Program
D. Trojan Horse
Answer: D

30. The first operating system to be written in C language is?
A. Microsoft Windows
B. Linux
C. Unix
D. none of these
Answer: C

31. Which one of the following is not an image file format?
A. .png
B. .img
C. .jpg
D. .tif
Answer: B

32. The PC used in homes and personal use is actually________
A. Microcomputer
B. supercomputer
C. Mini computer
D. Mainframe computer
Answer: A

33. Which function key is used to view slide shows in MS-Powerpoint?
A. F2
B. F3
C. F4
D. F5
Answer: D

34. Data and programs are stored in ___________ when the processor uses them?
A. Disk Memory
B. Monitor
C. Main memory
D. Bios
Answer: D

35. Find out the incompatible from the following_________
A. Pen Drive
B. memory card
D. keyboard
Answer: D

36. E-mail cannot be opened using which of the following?
Answer: C

37. Which of the following is not a first-generation computer?
D. PDP – 8
Answer: D

38. Bluetooth is used_______
A. For signal transmission on mobile phone
B. For landline to mobile phone communication
C. For wireless communication between devices
D. satellite to television communication
Answer: C

39. What is the extended form of SERP?
A. Search Engine Random Protocol
B. Search Engine Result Page
C. Simple English Recommend Page
D. Static Engine Result Protocol
Answer: B

40. Which of the following cannot be done by a computer?
A. inputting
B. Processing
C. Outputting
D. Understanding
Answer: D

41. When the computer’s power is turned off, this memory loses its data or content. this is called_________
A. Dynamic memory
B. Static Memory
C. volatile memory
D. non-volatile memory
Answer: C

42. Who invented the binary system?
A. Charles Babbage
B. Howard Aiken
Lady Ada Augusta
D. John Muchli
Answer: C

43. What is the full form of POST in the context of a computer?
A. Power on System Test
B. Program On Self Test
C. Power On Self Test
D. Power Off System Test
Answer: C

44. Which of the following statement is incorrect about supercomputers________ 
A. The world’s first supercomputer cray. Of. – 1S was manufactured by Cray Research Company of America.
B. The processing speed of supercomputers is calculated in many ways in FLOPS.
C. India’s first supercomputer ‘FlowSalver’ has been developed by C-DAC, Pune.
D. none of these
Answer: C
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