Indian Geography General knowledge Questions and Answers

Indian Geography General knowledge Questions and  Answers 

Geography of India or the geographical nature of India refers to the distribution and pattern of geographical elements in India which is very diverse in almost every aspect. On the one hand, there are the great Himalayan ranges in the north, and on the other hand and in the south the wide Indian Ocean, on one side there is a high and low and eroded Deccan plateau, while there is also the vast and flat Indus-Gangetic-Brahmaputra plain, the vast plains of Thar. Where various desert landforms are found in the desert, on the other hand there are also coastal parts.

Generally gk questions asked in various competitive exams related to Indian History, Science, Economy, Sports, Geography, Ancient Civilization, Banking, World related General Knowledge (GK) are asked in almost all the competitive exams, on which students need to pay special attention. Also, General Knowledge is the part in which the candidate finds it easy to solve maximum number of questions in less time and thus they can score more in the exam.

If you are preparing to give competitive exams or entrance tests, then definitely read these geography general knowledge questions and their answers. Along with competitive exams like Bank, SSC, Railway, Civil Services, entrance tests can also help in qualifying. A large number of geography gk questions are asked in these. Here we provide Important Geography gk Questions for all Competitive Exams like SSC, IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO, RBI, TET etc. 


Indian Geography General knowledge Questions and Answers


Geography gk Questions and Answers

1. What is the place of India in the world in terms of area – sevent

2. What is the place of India in the world in terms of population – second

3. Which countries are in the north of India – China, Nepal, Bhutan

4. Which country is in the east of India- Bangladesh

5. Which country is in the west of India- Pakistan

6. Which sea is in the southwest of India- Arabian Sea

7. Which bay is in the southeast of India – Bay of Bengal

8. Which ocean is in the south of India – Indian Ocean

9. From which country do the hills of Purvanchal separate India – from Myanmar

10. Which country separates India from the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Strait – from Sri Lanka

11. How much is the latitudinal extension of the whole of India – 8° 4′ to 37° 6′ north latitude

12. Which line passes through the middle of India – Tropic of Cancer

13. How much is the extension from north to south of India – 3214 km

14. How much is the expansion of India from east to west – 2933 km

15. Where is the Andaman and Nicobar Islands located – in the Bay of Bengal

16. Where is Lakshadweep located – in the Arabian Sea

17. What is the southern end of India called – Indira Point

18. Indira Point is also known by which other name- Pygmillion Point

19. The area of ​​India is how much of the world’s area – 2. 42%

20. Which is the longest river in the world?– The Nile, Africa

21. What percentage of the world’s total population lives in India – 17%

22. How much is the total area of ​​India – 32,87,263 sq km

23. Which countries are bordered by India’s land border – Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Nepal, Verma, Bhutan

24. Which countries meet the water border of India – Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan

25. How many latitude is the southern boundary of the mainland of India – 8°4′

26. Where is the standard time of India taken from – from a place called Naini near Allahabad

27. What is the difference between India’s standard time and Greenwich time – 5 1/2

28. What is the distance of the south end of India from the equator – 876 km

29. What is the length of the land border of India – 15200 km

30. What is the length of the coastline of the mainland of India – 6100 km

31. What is the length of the total coastline of India (including islands) – 7516 km

32. What percentage of the whole of India is covered by mountains and hills – 28.8%

33. How much area of ​​the whole of India is spread over the plains – 44%

34. How many coastline states are there in India – 9

35. Which state has the longest coastline- Gujarat

36. Tropic of Cancer passes through how many states of India- 8

37. Which place is near the equator – Indira Point

38. Where is Indira Point located – in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

39. Which state has the shortest coastline- Goa

40. India’s land border with which country is the highest – with Bangladesh 

41. Which geomorphic part of India is ancient – Peninsular Plateau

42. By what name is the eastern coast of India known – Coromandel Coast

43. Where is the Konkan coast located from here – Goa to Daman

44. By whom did the islands of Lakshadweep group originate – by coral

45. Where is New Moore Island located – in the Andaman Sea

46. Which island is situated between India and Sri Lanka- Rameshwaram

47. What is the total number of islands of Lakshadweep group- 36

48. How many islands in the Lakshadweep group are inhabited by humans – 10

49. Which place of India is known as ‘White water’ – Siachen

50. The part of Jammu and Kashmir which is under the control of China, what is called – Oxai Chin

51. Which is the cold desert in India – Ladakh

52. What is the longitude position of India – from 68°7′ to 97°25

53. How many union territories are there in India- 7

54. With which country India is in dispute due to New Moore Island – with Bangladesh

55. Where is Thar land located – Rajasthan

56. Which state of India touches the most state boundaries – Uttar Pradesh

57. Which Indian region was known as ‘Kala Pani’ before independence – Andaman-Nicobar Islands

58. Jhansi city is located in which state of India- Uttar Pradesh

59. India’s longest tunnel ‘Pir Panjal Tunnel’ is in which state – in Jammu and Kashmir

60. Who determined the boundary line between India and Pakistan – Sir Cyril John Radcliffe

61. Which state of India touches the border of China, Nepal and Bhutan – Sikkim

62. Siachen Glacier is in which state of India- Jammu and Kashmir

63. Duncan Pass is situated between – South Andaman and Little Andaman

64. What is the northernmost part of the land of India called – Indira Kaul

65. Who separates the mainland of India from the island of Rameswaram – Adam’s bridge

66. What is Dakshin Gangotri – Indian Scientific Research Center located in Antarctica

67. What is the order of the three big states of India in terms of area – Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra

68. Which was the old capital of Andhra Pradesh – Kurnool

69. In which state are the hills of Satpura – Madhya Pradesh

70. Which is the highest peak of Andaman and Nicobar Islands – Saddle Peak

71. What is the coastal area from Mangalore to Kanyakumari called – Malabar Coast

72. In which state is the Deccan Plateau located – Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh

73. In which state is the Dharwad plateau located – in Karnataka

74. Nilgiri hills are located in which state – in Tamil Nadu

75. What is the height of the peak named Annaimudi – 2695 meters

76. In which state are the Aravalli hills located – in Rajasthan

77. Which river originates from the east side of Aravalli- Banas river

78. Which river forms the boundary between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh – Sankoshi River

79. According to geologists, what was the Himalaya mountain before – a sea called Tithis

80. When was the Radcliffe Line determined between India and Pakistan – on August 15, 1947

81. Mahendragiri hills are on the banks of which two states.- Odisha and Andhra Pradesh

82. Where is Pamban Island located – in the Gulf of Mannar

83. Which is the largest port in the Union Territories – Port Blair

84. Where is Colaba Point – in Mumbai

85. Which are the rivers that fall into the Arabian Sea? – Indus, Narmada and Tapti

86. Which is the highest range of Himalayas? – Himadri

87. What is the total length of the land border of India?  15200 kms

88. In which hemisphere and longitude is India located?- in the Northern Hemisphere and East Longitude

89. Where is the Gokak Falls located? – In Karnataka on the Gokak river

90. From which river does Indira Gandhi Canal get water? –  from river Sutlej

91. Which are the Indian states bordering Bhutan?-  Sikkim, West Bengal, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh

92. Which is the northernmost island of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands? -landfall island

92. What is the total area of ​​India? – 3287263 Sq. Kilometers

93.Which are the states of India bordering Myanmar? – Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram

94. What is the length of the main maritime border of India? – 6100 kms

95. Which pass connects Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and Srinagar?- Burzilla Pass

96. Where is the first sunrise in India? – in Arunachal Pradesh

97. Which is the smallest state of India in terms of area? – Goa

98. What is the boundary line between Pakistan and Afghanistan called? – Durand Line (Assessment-1896)

99. The mouth of a river which does not form a delta is called?- estuary

100. Which is the highest point of Satpura? Located in Dhupgarh, 1350, near Pachmarhi, Mt.

101. How is the shape of India? quadrangular

102. Which is called the Roor of India? – Chotanagpur plateau

103. Where is Cardamom Hill located? – in Kerala

104. By which monsoon rainfall occurs on the coasts of Tamil Nadu in the month of January-February? – from the north-east monsoon

105. Which is the largest river of peninsular India? – Godavari

106. Which crop has the first place in the world in terms of agriculture sector? – wheat

107. Which country is the largest producer of coal? – China

108. The city of ‘Casablanca’ in Morocco is famous for which industry? – woolen textile industry

109. The world’s largest coral reef is found near the coast of which country? – of Australia

110. What is the hot water current flowing from north to south near the Peruvian coast called? – El Nino current

111. In which region there is maximum fluctuation of weather? – in the subtropical region

112. Hanover is the port on which river? – Wager

113. Which planet of the solar system is closest to the Sun? – wed

114. What is the name of the first robotic spacecraft sent to explore the planet Venus? – Magellan

115. On which date the shadow of an object in the northern hemisphere is the shortest in the afternoon? – on 21st June

116. When does low tide originate? – On Ashtami of Krishna and Shukla Paksha

117. Which element is maximum in basalt rock? – of silicon

118. ​​When did the devastating tsunami hit off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia? 26 December 2004

119. In which country are the hills named Black Hill, Blue Mountains and Green Mountains located? – in the United States

120. Who discovered Greenland? – Robert Peary

121. Where is the legal capital of South Africa? – Cape Town

122. Which region is called as the lifeless region of Asia? – the region of the Pamirs

123. Where is the Sahadri mountain range located? – in Maharashtra

124. Which is the southernmost river of India? – Vaigai River

125. What is the latitudinal extent of India? – 8″4 to 37″6 north latitude

126. Which is the river flowing from south to north? – Betwa River

127. In which state of India the best black soil is found? -in Maharashtra

128. From where does the Ganga, the longest river of India originate? from Gangotri glacier

129. What is the process of depositing soil by river called? – deposit

130. What is the percentage of plateau in India? – 27.7%

131. Which is the state with the longest coastline? – Gujarat

132. Which is the oldest mountain of India? Aravalli mountain which extends from Rajasthan to Delhi

133. Which are the west flowing rivers which do not form deltas? – Narmada and Tapti

134. Which is the longest river of India? – Ganga (2525 kms)

135. Before falling into the Bay of Bengal, a major distributary emerges from Padma which is called? – Meghna or combined stream of Ganga and Brahmaputra

136. India’s Standard Time (82.5″ East Longitude) passes through which 5 states? – Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh

137. Which is the nearest neighboring country of India across the sea? – Sri Lanka (Ancient – ​​name Ceylon)

138. Wheat, gram, barley, pea, mustard, potato, rye etc. are examples of which crop?- of rabi crops

139. Where are most tribes found in India – in Madhya Pradesh

140. Which is the Indian state which touches the maximum number of states? – Uttar Pradesh (to 8 states)

141. Which is the northernmost point of India? – Indira Call, in Jammu and Kashmir

142. Which countries are in the south of India? – Sri Lanka and Indian Ocean

143. In which country is the world’s highest peak Everest located? – Nepal

144. Himalaya is an example of which type of wind? – new fold mountain

145. Which is the first multipurpose project of India? – Damodar Project, which was established in 1948

146. Which is the widest river of India? – Brahmaputra

147. What are the three humid winds that blow in the state of Assam in the summer season? – norwester

148. In which month does the Southwest Monsoon arrive in India? – in the first week of june

149. Who suggested that the Earth originated from gases and dust? – Otto Smid

150. What is the basis for determining the standard time of a place?- Prime meridian

151. What is the science that studies rocks called? – Petrology

152. Which element is found in maximum quantity in the whole earth? – Iron

153. What are the tall and narrow mountains found on the surface called? – Mountain Ridge

154. Which is the largest freshwater lake in the world? – Lake Superior (United States of America)

155. Which is the largest lake of India?  Chilka (Odisha)

156. Where is the Sambhar lake located? Rajasthan

157. Earthquake is studied under which science? – Seismology

158. Which is the largest lake in the world? – Caspian

159. Which quantity is found more in the upper layer of the earth? Oxygen and silicon

160. What is the top layer of the earth called? – Crust

161.  What is the area of ​​contact between the crust and the upper mantle called?- Moho Discontinuity


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