MCQ on Ocean and Continent

Multiple Choice Questions on Ocean:

1. The statement about the continents is true_________

A. A continent is a continent

B. A continent is a larger continent

C. A continent and its nearby islands are collectively called a continent

D. A continent is larger than a continent

Answer: C

2. The largest continent in the world is_______

A. Asia

B. Africa

C. Oceania

D. North America

Answer: A

3. The largest continent and largest ocean in the world are_______

A. Oceania Arctic Ocean

B. Asia Pacific

C. africa pacific

D. Asia Atlantic

Answer: B

4. The ratio of ocean area to land area on the Earth’s surface is approximately________

A, 60%: 40%

B, 71%: 29%

C, 80%: 20%

D, 79%: 21%

Answer: B

5. The continents and oceans that span the most longitudes are______

A. Asia and the Pacific

B. South America and the Atlantic

C. Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean

D. Africa and Indian Ocean

Answer: C

6. The Suez Canal communicated________

A. Pacific and Indian Oceans

B. Atlantic and Arctic Oceans

C. Atlantic and Indian Oceans

D. Pacific and Atlantic

Answer: C

7. Which of the following continents is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and Arctic Ocean_______

A. Africa

B. Oceania

C. Asia

D. North America

Answer: D

8. The continents surrounding the Arctic Ocean are______

A. Asia, Africa, Europe

B. Oceania, South America, Africa

C. Asia, Europe, North America

D. Asia, Africa, North America

Answer: C

9. The narrative about North and South America is correct

A. Latin America consists of Central and South America

B. The east is rich in coal and iron resources

C. The west coast has the same type of climate

D. The topography of the two continents is in the form of three vertical belts, north and south.

Answer: B

10. The dividing line between Asia and Africa is_______

A. Bering Strait

B. Panama Canal

C. Strait of Magellan

D. Suez Canal

Answer: D

11. The following statement about the sea and ocean is wrong_________

A. Some seas and oceans are only connected by a strait

B. The edge of the ocean is a sea

C. The ocean is generally close to the continent, and the ocean is separated from another ocean by peninsulas and islands

D. The strait connects the two seas narrow waterways

Answer: C

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