MCQs Questions On Reaching The Age Of Adolescence Class 8

MCQs Questions For Class 8 Science Chapter 10 Reaching the Age of Adolescence

Here Below we provide a list of Class 8 Science Reaching the age of adolescence MCQs outlined by experts who suggest the most important MCQ for various competitive exams. The below MCQ takes you directly to the corresponding topic where the detailed article along with MCQs is provided for a smooth, effortless searching experience. Before going ahead to solved MCQ question for class 8 science chapter 10 Reaching the age of adolescence papers or taking up mock tests, make sure you cover the basic concepts of class 8 Reaching the age of adolescence MCQ and solve some sample questions before appearing in Exam. MCQ on Reaching the age of adolescence with Answers Pdf listed below range from the basic to the most advanced Questions, thereby having you covered. Have a look at the list of MCQ below: 

MCQs Questions For class 8 science chapter 10

Multiple Choice Questions On Reaching The Age Of Adolescence pdf

1.How many pairs of Chromosomes are found in nuclei of their cells?

(a) 22 pairs

(b) 23 pairs

(c) 24 pairs

(d) 25 pairs

Answer: B

2. Testes secrete______________

(a) Thyroxin

(b) estrogen

(c) testosterone

(d) iodine

Answer: C

3. The chemical substances which are secreted from endocrine glands are called________________

(a) puberty

(b) hormones

(c) estrogen

(d) adolescence

Answer: B

4. which one determines the sex of the baby?

(a) Hormones

(b) Chloroplast

(c) Chromosomes

(d) Pituitary gland

Answer: C

5. What is the stoppage of menstruation called?

(a) Menarche

(b) Menopause

(c) Gametes

(d) Insulin

Answer: B

6. Reproduction age in women starts when their_____________

(a) menstruation starts

(b) breasts start developing

(c) body weight increases

(d) height increase

Answer: A


7. Which is male gonads?

a) Hair

(b) Chest

(c) Moustache

(d) Testis

Answer: D

8. The beginning of menstruation at puberty is called_______________

(a) ovulation

(b) menstruation

(c) menarche

(d) menopause

Answer: C

9. In males, the sex chromosome consists of ______________

(a) one X and one Y

(b) both X and X

(c) both Y and Y

(d) one M and one X

Answer: A

10. Larynx is called_____________

(a) music box

(b) voice box

(c) respiratory organ

(d) sound box

Answer: B

11. Initially girls grow____________

(a) slower than boys

(b) faster than boys

(c) both of these

(d) none of these

Answer: B

12. The female hormone is called__________

(a) estrogen

(b) testosterone

(c) adrenaline

(d) none of these

Answer: A

13. The number of sex chromosomes are______________

(a) three

(b) two

(c) four

(d) none of these

Answer: B

14. Production of thyroxine requires_______

(a) magnesium

(b) iodine

(c) sodium

(d) bromine

Answer: B

15. What is the normal duration of menstrual cycle?

(a) 2 to 7 days

(b) 14 days

(c) 28 to 30 days

(d) 40 weeks

Answer: C

16. Which of the following glands secretes the growth hormone?

(a) Thyroid

(b) Pituitary

(c) Adrenal

(d) Testis

Answer: B

17. Reproductive phase in women continues for how many decades?

(a) One

(b) Two

(c) Three

(d) Four

Answer: D

18. At which age Adolescence usually ends ?

(a) 18 years

(b) 17 years

(c) 16 years

(d) 15 years

Answer: A

19. When a sperm containing Y chromosome fertilizes an egg with X chromosome, the zygote develops into a _____ child.

(a) Female

(b) Either a male or female

(c) Male

(d) No child

Answer: C

20. Which of the following viruses causes AIDS?

(a) H1N1 virus

(b) Zika virus

(c) HIV

(d) Rhinovirus

Answer: C

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