MH SET Life Science Evolution Previously Asked Questions and Answers

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MH SET Life Science Evolution Previously Asked Questions:

1. A phenomenon  in which animals adapted  to temperate  regions have shorter  and poorly developed ears, eyes, hair, and other phenotypic traits below__________ (MH SET-2020) 

1) Bergmann Law

2) Allens Law

3) Copes Law

4) Dollos Law

Answer: 2) Allens Law


2. During the evolutions of life, the first formed cell were______________ (MH SET-2019) 

1) Photoautotrophs

2) Chemoautotrophs

3) Saprotrophs

4) Chemoheterotrophs

Answer: 4) Chemoheterotrophs


3. Lamarck’s theory of organic evolution is popularly  known as__________ (MH SET-2018)

1) Inheritance of Acquired Characters

2) Decents with Change

3) Continuity of Germplasm

4) Natural Selection

Answer: 1) Inheritance of Acquired Characters


4. A species inhabiting different geographical regions is known as___________ (MH SET-2018)

1) Sympatric

2) Allopatric

3) Siblings

4) Biospecies

Answer: 2) Allopatric


5. When Speciation occurs due to a physical barrier that divides the continuous population into fragmented populations is termed as___________ (MH SET-2017)

1) Parapetric speciation

2) Peripatric speciation

3) sympatric speciation

4) Allopatric speciation

Answer: 4) Allopatric speciation 


6. First life on earth was_______ (MH SET-2016)

1) Cyanobacteria

2) Saprophytes

3) Chemoheterotrophs

4) Photoautotrophs

Answer: 3) Chemoheterotrophs


7. Formation of new species without geographic isolation in presence of a barrier to gene flow is known as speciation___________(MH SET-2016)

1) Isopatric

2) Allopatric

3) Sympatric

4) Allelopathic

Answer: 3) Sympatric


8. Which of the following exhibits the most fit individual in an evolutionary sense_________(MH SET-2015) 

1) A tiger who is successful at capturing prey but has no cubs

2) A tiger who has 10 cubs, eight of which live to adulthood

3) A tiger who overcome a disease and live to have 3 cubs

4) A tiger who shows parental care for his cubs but only 2 live to adulthood

Answer: 3) A tiger who overcome a disease and live to have 3 cubs


9. During evolution genetic drift occurs in_____________(MH SET-2013)

1) Mendelian population

2) Large population

3) Large population on island

4) Small population

Answer: 4) Small population 


10. During the early stages of development, embryos of reptiles, birds, and mammals look very similar. This suggests that reptiles, birds and mammals __________(MH SET-2013)

1) Have common ancestors

2) Live in the same environment

3) Have undergone parallel evolution

4) are no longer undergoing evolution

Answer: 1) Have common ancestors


11. Which of the following statement is most likely to be true about two species______(MH SET-2011)

1) They occupy a different niche

2) They can never hybridize naturally

3) There Chromosome numbers differ

4) Their structural genes may show 25-50% sequence homology

Answer: 3) There Chromosome number differ

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