Sources of energy class 10 MCQ with Answers Pdf

Sources of Energy class 10 MCQ:

Here you will find a list of the Most important Sources of energy in class 10 MCQ with answers for competitive exams like CBSE Class 10 science chapter 14 MCQs. These frequently asked sample questions are given with the correct choice of answer that you can check instantly. Presently we have added more than 20 MCQ questions to class 10 Science chapter 14 for your practice. We will keep adding more questions and provide this question bank in PDF format so that you can download them instantly in E-book style.

Sources of Energy class 10 mcq

MCQ on Sources of Energy class 10:

1. To extract energy from fossil fuels. Which process would help him to extract the energy from fossil fuel?

1. Burning

2. Crystallization

3. Condensation

4. Distillation

Answer: Burning

2. Which of the following organism produces biogas from cow drug sherry in the biogas plant?

1. aerobic bacteria

2. anaerobic bacteria

3. protozoa

4. fungi

Answer: Anaerobic bacteria

3. Which is the most popular kitchen fuel in India?

1. LPG

2. Kerosene

3. Coal

4. Firewood

Answer: LPG

4. Hydro power plants convert the ______ energy of falling water into electricity

1. Kinetic energy

2. Potential energy

3. Thermal energy

4. Chemical energy

Answer: potential energy

5. Dead organisms are transformed into petroleum and natural gas in__________

1. presence of air

2. absence of air

3. presence of sunlight

4. none of the above

Answer: Absence of air

6. Which of the given is the odd one out?

A. Petroleum

B. Hydroelectricity

C. Coal


Answer: Hydroelectricity

7. Greenhouse effect is caused by gases like__________

1. Helium

2. Oxygen

3. Nitrogen

4. Carbon dioxide

Answer: Carbon dioxide

8. The rise of sea-water during high tide is caused by the gravitational pull of the___________

1. Sun

2. Earth

3. Moon

4. Mars

Answer: Moon

9. Why Thermal power plant is considered a bad source of energy. 

1. It uses very less amount of fossil fuels

2. Burning of fossil fuel releases harmful gases

3. Electricity is harmful and pollutes the environment

4. Thermal power plants produce less amount of electricity

Answer: Burning of fossil fuel releases harmful gases

10. Which of the following is used for making solar cells?

1. Silicon

2. Germanium

3. Boron

4. Aluminium

Answer: Silicon

11. Which of the following state produces the largest amount of wind energy in India?

1. Maharashtra

2. Karnataka

3. Punjab

4. Tamilnadu

Answer: Tamilnadu

12. The energy-efficient device for producing light is___________

1. DLF

2. CFL

3. FCL

4. LPG

Answer: CFL

13. Hydropower plants are located in the_______

1. Desert area

2. Plane area

3. Hilly terrains

4. None-of above

Answer: Hilly terrains

14. Which of these characteristics can help us recognise a good source of fuel?

1. Physical state

2. Availability in all regions

3. Cost-effective for all countries

4. Produces a large amount of energy

Answer: Produces a large amount of energy

15. Biogas contains________

1. 75% ethane

2. 75% butane

3. 75% methane

4. 70% methane

Answer:75% methane

16. Coke is more valuable when used as_______

1. a fuel for industrial boilers

2. an oxidizing agent

3. a reducing agent

4. fuel in domestic ovens

Answer: a reducing agent

17. What are the disadvantage of solar energy?

1. A large surface area is required to collect the solar

2. Daily average of solar energy varies from 4 to 7 kWh/m2

3. Highly hazardous toxic material is used in the manufacturing of solar devices.

4. All 

Answer: All

18. Burning of fossil fuels releases oxides of carbon, nitrogen, and sulphur in the atmosphere which may cause__________

1. Greenhouse effect

2. Global warming

3. Acid rain

4. None of the above

Answer: acid rain

19. In which of the given kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy?

1. Tidal energy

2. Hydro energy

3. Wind energy

4. All 

Answer: All

20. The process by which energy is produced in the sun is________

1. Nuclear fission

2. Nuclear fusion

3. Both nuclear fusion and fission

4. Combustion of hydrogen

Answer: Nuclear fusion

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