What is Biotechnology Engineering

In this Article, you will find some general information about Biotechnology Engineering, its applications and skills required to become Biotechnology engineer.

As we know It is no secret to anyone that biotechnology is a science that is achieving great success worldwide, since it provides many benefits in different fields of application.

One of these areas is biotech engineering , which undoubtedly plays a very important role and this time we will know why.

What is Biotechnology Engineering

What is Biotechnology Engineering?

Much has been said about biotechnology but the truth is that little is really known about it. So to know a little about this technology, it can be said that it refers to an application that tends to use living organisms to create and even modify some products, so that they can be used for a specific purpose.

Now that we are clear about the concept of biotechnology, we can say that biotechnology engineering is an emerging discipline of engineering that is responsible for involving two sciences: technology and biology, for research and development in various fields such as They are medicine, agriculture, industrial, environment, food, animals, among others.

And it is through technology that it is possible to carry out all the studies, since there is no use having the knowledge if you do not have the necessary technological tools or instruments to carry out the investigations.

That is why it can be said that technology and biology are the fundamental pillar of biotechnology, since without them this science would not be able to achieve by itself all that it has achieved up to now; they are an important complement.

Why study Biotechnological Engineering ?

Increasing relevance : 

Biotechnology is multidisciplinary work that integrates the knowledge of biology, chemistry and engineering and technology. To solve problems in various sectors such as health, agriculture, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and Biotechnological industry care of the environment, among others.

National demand : 

Biotechnology Engineering is a profession of high impact in each country, due to the great biological diversity in india has. Other factors that justify the need for professionals in this discipline are climate change, the increase in the elderly population, the scarcity of resources and the need for products and processes that are friendly to the environment.

Solutions for the future :

Because it is an Biotech engineering inspired by living beings, which seeks to obtain the greatest benefit from them and at the same time improve the quality of life, under the principles of ethics and respect for nature

A Biotechnology Engineer must have following skills :

  1. Being a Biotech engineer Candidates  must able to design and improve Biotechnological systems with the use of  Microorganisms.
  2. Candidates Must Have the ability to analyse, identify and characterize to microorganisms for industrial use and their Applications in the synthesis of new products.
  3. Biotechnology engineer must the ability to isolate and manipulate microorganisms through the use of Microbiology, Biotechnology,  genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry techniques, in order to produce new drugs, Vaccine, foods etc.
  4. Candidates  have ability to modify  ans synthesized  new agricultural products and by-products.
  5. Biorech Engineer musy Be trained to produce vegetables resistant to the adversities of the climate.
  6. Be prepared to prevent and treat urban, industrial and agricultural waste through bioremediation processes.
  7. To be able to develop ethical judgments about the different applications of biotechnology.

These are just some skill that Biotechnology engineer must have. Because Biotechnology is the different fields of application; since it undoubtedly provides many benefits in each area of ​​study. And it is worth noting that biotechnology could not be itself without the use of the special technology it requires; since it is thanks to her that he has managed to have all the advances he has obtained so far. That is why biotechnology engineering is extremely important.

Frequently Asked Questions on Biotechnology Engineering.

What is the role of Biotech Engineer?

Answer : 

  1. Biotechnology engineers mainly focuses on biotechnology and biological sciences. It includes several disciplines, such as biochemical engineering, biomedical engineering, bioprocessing engineering, biosystem engineering and so on. 
  2. In general we can say biotech engineering is an integrated approach to the fundamental biological sciences and traditional engineering principles.
  3. Bioengineers are often employed to expand, improve and develop biological processes from the laboratory scale to the manufacturing scale. 
  4. They often deal with administrative, economic and legal issues.  
  5. Biotech engineers often need to have knowledge related to these issues like biotechnological and pharmaceutical.
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