Biology Projects for Class 12 on Genetics

Biology Projects for Class 12 on Genetics:

Genetics Projects for Class 12

Genetics is one of the best streams at present and its future and demand can never collapse as it is a life science that gives solutions to the issues like agriculture, water, pollution, disease, the great yield of productivity of crops, various disorders, treatment, symptoms, diagnosis, etc.

Finding Biology Projects for class 12 genetics is quite difficult because genetics is such a topic that is too vast to discover. In this progressive world, there are many things which aren’t been discovered yet. Especially in biology. Human physiology, plant science, animal science, genetic engineering, molecular biology, and agricultural biotechnology is one of the great topics to be discovered.

If you are truly interested and keen on the subject of biology we recommend the following genetics projects for class 12th. you must keep in mind that the External examiner might go more in-depth with the questions. So you must be thorough with your topic. Your topic must be interesting and it is related to Biotechnology so you can get appreciation from the external examiner too. personal experience was good.

Simple Biology projects for class 12 on genetics:

  1. Chromosome structure and function. 
  2. DNA. 
  3. Genetic diversity. 
  4. Genetic drift. 
  5. Genetic variation. Genome. 
  6. Heredity. 
  7. Mutation. 
  8. Nucleotide. 
  9. RNA.
  10. Introduction to evolution. 
  11. Evolution. 
  12. Modern evolutionary synthesis.
  13. Transmutation of species.
  14. Natural selection.
  15. Extinction. 
  16. Adaptation. 
  17. Polymorphism (biology) 
  18. Gene flow. 
  19. Biodiversity
Advance Genetics Project Ideas for class 12:
  1. Analysis of the human genome at different levels of its organization.
  2. Harmful and beneficial mutations
  3. Identification of causes that adversely affect the human genotype.
  4. G. Mendel and his contribution to the development of genetics.
  5. Genetics and man.
  6. Genetics: a modern approach.
  7. Genetic features of individual development.
  8. Studying the trait of inheritance in my family using the pedigree analysis.
  9. Artificial organs – a problem and prospects.
  10. Classical genetic experiments
  11. Animal cloning – Problems and prospects.
  12. Methods of human genetic research.
  13. The world of nanotechnologies – possibilities of application in biology and medicine.
  14. Mutagens, carcinogens, allergens, antimutagens.
  15. Inheritance of the trait of color blindness in the human genotype?
  16. Hereditary diseases. Classification.
  17. Scientific and ethical problems of cloning.
  18. Environment, factors of biotic and abiotic nature that affect the human genotype.
  19. Proteomics, genomics – new trends in biology.
  20. Creation and development of new varieties of plants.
  21. Formation and development of genetics.
  22. Human evolution – possible outcomes.

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