Oil spills evs project

Oil Spill EVS Project

We have all heard in news about oil spills and their harmful effects on our Earth and its marine life. But we, who do not get to see these effects closely, do not understand exactly the degree of impact that oil spills. In these projects, we are going to briefly discuss and perform the oil spill evs project.

Oil Spill EVS Project Method

What are oil spills?

Oil spills are the product of human error and carelessness. Oil spills typically occur when ships carrying large oil tanks sink into the sea, causing the oil to leak out of their containers and pollute the sea, killing thousands of marine lives.

When this happens, people should take responsibility and take steps to clean up the sea to minimize its deadly effects on marine life. Oil spill cleanups can be very expensive. And it can also take a long time for the oil to be removed from the sea.


In this experiment, you will be mimicking an oil spill to demonstrate the impact it has on marine life. You will need the following material : 

  1. Large glass jug.
  2. Distilled water 1 litter 
  3. Food coloring agents 
  4. Cooking oil.
  5. Annotator.
  6. Rubber duck, 
  7. Whale or fish or any marine life 
  8. Bathtub toy.


  1. Take the large glass pitcher and fill it halfway with distilled water. 
  2. Add the food coloring, preferably blue to mimic the color of the sea, and stir well to distribute the coloring. 
  3. Place your marine life bath toys in the jar and let them float freely. 
  4. These toys will mimic the marine life that lives in the sea. 
  5. The next step is to pour cooking oil into the jug, avoiding touching the bath toys. 
  6. Watch what happens. 
  7. Move the jug in a swirling motion, as if there were waves in the sea. 
  8. Watch what will happens.


You should keep in mind that when you poured the cooking oil into your sea, the oil began to gather on the surface of the water because it is less dense than ordinary water. It doesn’t mix with water, unlike the coloring you added earlier, as water molecules are more attracted to each other than they are to oil molecules. This is another reason why no matter how hard you stir or try to mix the oil and water, it just doesn’t work.

Now let’s pay attention to your marine life bath toys. What did you notice? The rubber toys were easily coated by the oil, everywhere, especially when you made waves by moving the jug. Can you imagine how terrible that would be in the case of real animals? When marine animals swam to the surface of the sea to take in some air they would instantly be covered by the toxic oil and over time this would damage their health.

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