Biotechnology projects for class 12th | pdf

Biotechnology projects for class 12th

Biotechnology projects for class 12th


Hello, students so in this article we discuss Biotechnology projects for class 12th. As we know Biotechnology is a highly interdisciplinary field that combines biological sciences with engineering technologies to manipulate living organisms and biological systems to produce products that advance healthcare, medicine, agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals, and environment control and have vast and immense scope.

Finding a Biotechnology Project for class 12th is quite difficult because biotechnology is such a topic that is too vast to discover. In this progressive world, there are many things which aren’t been discovered yet. Especially in biotechnology. Human physiology, plant science, animal science, genetic engineering, molecular biology, and agricultural biotechnology is one of the great topics to be discovered.

There are many plant species yet to discover. According to my knowledge out of 10, only 6 species are known to the world. So you have a good opportunity to discover or investigate many topics related to Biotechnology. Many students ask Which topic can I take up for my biotech investigatory project for CBSE class 12?

If you are truly interested and keen on the subject of biology we recommend the following biotechnology projects for class 12th. you must keep in mind that the External examiner might go more in-depth with the questions. So you must be thorough with your topic. Your topic must be interesting and it is related to Biotechnology so you can get appreciation from the external examiner too. personal experience was good Here you can get both basic biotechnology projects for class 12th as well as Advance Biotechnology Project Ideas.


How to select biotechnology project topics:

To conduct biotechnology research work on the page, you can select current biotechnology project ideas for students in classes 10, 11, and 12 of a comprehensive school. These research projects must be carried out under the guidance of a biology teacher – project leader.
The presented biotechnology project topics are not final and can be modified upon agreement with the project leader. The main thing is that the chosen topic for the project is interesting and corresponds to the level of knowledge of the author. The research topics on biotechnology outlined below are also suitable for independent study by students in grades 10, 11, and 12 of biotechnology.
The proposed topics of the research project work on genetics raise such issues as the history and theory of the science of biotechnology, biotechnology features of development, biotechnology applications, hereditary diseases, human evolution, etc. The student must have in-depth knowledge of biology.
These biotechnology project topics provide an opportunity for school children to consider such concepts as the migrating genome, nanotechnology, and artificial organs, as well as explore the nature of aging. It is important to carefully approach the choice of the topic of project work in the field of biotechnology project topics, the teacher’s advice will be needed.

Biotechnology projects for class 12th

  1. Effect of Mobile radiation from Mobile towers on people and environment.
  2. Treatment of Ebola virus
  3. Project on AIDS. Taking a case study will make it more interesting.
  4. Cancer and its treatment is also a good topic for class 12 students.
  5. Project on some diseases such as myotonic dystrophy/sickle cell anemia
  6. Stem cell: Stem cells and their advantages
  7. Gene therapy, types, advantages, disadvantages.
  8. Genetic engineering process, application
  9. Plant tissue culture and its applications
  10. Use of biotechnology in food, agriculture, disease diagnosis, and treatment.
  11. Production of vaccines and recombinant drugs by using biotechnology.
  12. The production of transgenic animals has its advantages.
  13. Instrumental techniques used in biotechnology like Chromatography, electrophoresis, autoclaving, staining, etc.
  14. Isolation of bacteriophage from water.
  15. Application of genetically modified organisms in industries(fermentation)
  16. Bioleaching benefits, Bioremediation techniques
  17. Wastewater treatment by use of microbes.
  18. Experiments using hydroponics as a medium for plant growth
  19. Experiment with natural and artificial manure on plant growth.
  20. Experiment with the effect of artificial light on plant growth
  21. Effect of  amylase and starch digestion
  22. Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA): this has advanced a lot (from planar to bead-based) keeping in mind the need for multiplexed assay
  23. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
  24. Effects of Fertilisers, Manure, and Polythene on the rate of elongation of the Hypocot
  25. The Effect of Alkalines and Acids on Bacterial Growth
  26. Extraction from microbes any useful components
  27. Extraction of chemicals from inedible peels of fruits/vegetables which can be used as food additives etc
  28. Effectiveness of Various Spices in Promoting or Inhibiting the Spoilage Rate of Food
  29. Biodiesel production from wastes
  30. Study of the effect of Biopesticides/biofertilizers
  31. Effect of any stress/ component on microbial growth and their use

Biotechnology is one of the best streams at present and its future and demand can never collapse as it is a life science that gives solutions to the issues like agriculture, water, pollution, disease, and great yield of productivity of crops.

Biotechnology projects for class 12th topics

1- Gene Therapy
2- Cell Banking
3- Plant growth hormones
4- Role of Stem cells in Health sciences and medicine
5- Bone marrow transplantation
6- Nanotechnology
7- Human genome project
8- DNA Chips.
9- Multifunctional Nucleolus
10- Bio fermentation
11- Transformation
12- Mutations
13- Replication of DNA
14. Extraction of antimicrobials from plants
15. increasing the shelf life of any food product
16. production of biodiesel
17.  A study using microorganisms like production of any product using them

Hope this Biotechnology projects topic for class 12th topics helps you.

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