Environmental Science Project Topics

Environmental Science Project Topics for Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Students:

Here are some Environmental Science Project Topics you can consider: The major of environmental science consists of several sub-fields such as atmospheric science, earth science, environmental chemistry, and ecology, Environmental biotechnology. Environmental scientists monitor environmental quality, interpret the impact of human activities on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, and develop strategies to restore ecosystems.

In addition, environmental scientists help plan, develop, and construct buildings, transportation routes, and facilities to protect water resources and consider efficient and beneficial land use planning. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of environmental science, professional teams often work together to conduct environmental studies or issue environmental impact assessments.

Environmental Science Project Topics

Environmental Science Project Topics:

Finding good M.Sc Environmental Science Project Topics is quite tough than answering the questions. Many students are confused about selecting good Research Topics on Environmental Science. It depends on your interest. Here below we listed some environmental research topics for you.

Wastewater Pollution Project Topics:

  1. Study on mercury pollution characteristics of surface water in Delhi city
  2. Study on the denitrification mechanism of horizontal underflow reed constructed wetland
  3. Effects of Hydrodynamics on Nutrient Cycle and Algae Growth in Indian Lake
  4. Plant-sulfur polyculture and denitrification to enhance denitrification of farmland low-pollution water and its mechanism.
  5. Distribution characteristics and risk assessment of typical persistent organic pollutants in the Indian River
  6. Research on combined purification tank based on iron-carbon micro-electrolysis packing for rural domestic sewage treatment.
  7. Research on Constructed Wetland Strengthening Technology and Its Efficiency.
  8. Study on the relationship between water environment and endogenous phosphorus release in Reservoir Area
  9. Study on Determination of Chemical Oxygen Consumption in Wastewater
  10. Research on Biochemical Treatment of Antibiotic Pharmaceutical Wastewater.
  11. Study on Staged Aerobic Treatment Process of Corn Ethanol Wastewater
  12. Experimental Study on Treatment of Phenol Wastewater by Three-dimensional Electrode-Fenton Reagent.
  13. Study on Treatment of Antibiotic Wastewater by Hydrolysis Acidification-Suspension Carrier Composite MBR.
  14. Study on Treatment of Low Concentration Sewage by Different Wave Baffle Anaerobic Reactor.
  15. Research on Advanced Treatment Technology of Livestock and Poultry Breeding Wastewater by Subsurface Constructed Wetland

Metals Environmental Science Project Topics:

  1. Study on Heavy Metals in Soil Contaminated by Manganese Sulfate Residue
  2. Evaluation of heavy metal pollution in Lake water and phytoremediation of heavy metal pollution in water.
  3. Study on the characteristics of atmospheric particulate matter pollution in the northern urban area of ​​Delhi during haze and non-haze conditions.
  4. Transport and regulation of heavy metals in the soil-vegetable systems and their health risk assessment.
  5. Analysis of nitrogen removal efficiency and microbial community structure of subsurface biofilter.
  6. Analysis of heavy metal levels and influencing factors in Indian cities
  7. Study on chemical composition characteristics of atmospheric fine particulate matter in Mumbai city.
  8. Efficacy and risk assessment of the combination of saponin and citric acid on the leaching and removal of heavy metals in sludge.
  9. Pollution characteristics and risk assessment of heavy metals in soil and dust in areas strongly influenced by humans.
  10. Study on heavy metal pollution in lakeside sediments.
  11. Study on the Purification Ability of Two Constructed Wetlands for Sewage
  12. Mechanism of chemical regulation on remediation and enhancement of heavy metal complex-contaminated soil.
  13. Study on Heavy Metal Pollution and Environmental Risk in Sediment of Lake Reservoir.
  14. Characteristics and Risk Management of Heavy Metal Pollution in Pesticide Enterprise Sites.
  15. Evaluation model of heavy metal pollution in water sediment based on blind number theory.

Bioremediation Environmental Science Thesis Topics

  1. Changes of heavy metals in the life cycle of municipal sludge and its impact on soil pollution phytoremediation
  2. A study on heavy metal aquatic toxicity and benchmark prediction model
  3. Bio-enhanced treatment and application of fosfomycin pharmaceutical wastewater.
  4. Remediation of cadmium-contaminated soil with calcite-containing substances and its mechanism
  5. The biochemical process of heavy metal release from the eutrophic lake sediment-water interface
  6. Effects of organic fertilizers on the remediation of cadmium-contaminated vegetable fields by passivation of clay materials
  7. Study on the uptake of cadmium in rice by different sources of cadmium and its in situ inhibitors.
  8. Effects and mechanism of sulfur and silicon on cadmium uptake by rice.
  9. The accumulation characteristics of heavy metals in different crop varieties and the quality and safety of agricultural products
  10. Research on characteristics and regulation of anaerobic baffled reactor (ABR) system
  11. Evaluation of Phosphorus and Heavy Metal Pollution in Lake Sediment and Its Phytoremediation.
  12. Study on Nutrient and Heavy Metal Pollution in River Sediments in Small Towns.
  13. Experimental study on bioremediation of water body eutrophication in coal mining subsidence area.
  14. Crop and soil microbial ecological effects and diagnostic indicators of copper pollution in a grain-vegetable rotation system.
  15. Bioaccumulation and pollution assessment of toxic substances in marine organisms.
  16. Toxicological effect and bioremediation technology of heavy metal pollution in Indian soil.
  17. Mycorrhizal remediation and strengthening technology of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-contaminated farmland soil.
  18. Preliminary study on the status and evaluation of mercury pollution in soil
  19. Purification effect and influencing factors of three aquatic plants on eutrophic water bodies
  20. The role of biosurfactants in the bioremediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (phenanthrene) contaminated soil
  21. Effects of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Pollution on Plant Enzyme Activity.
  22. Research on the performance of solid carbon and phosphorus sources in groundwater nitrate in situ bioremediation.
  23. Research on in situ bioremediation technology of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-contaminated farmland soil.

Pollution Environmental Studies Project Topics:

  1. Study on the pollution characteristics and influencing factors of ozone and its precursors in India.
  2. Physiological mechanism of nutrient tolerance of cattail and its allelopathic effect on two kinds of bloom algae.
  3. Effects of silicon on cadmium uptake by different varieties of rice and its mechanism.
  4. Study on microbial activity of farmland soil under cadmium pollution.
  5. Research on Eutrophication Prediction and Control Technology of Water Source Reservoirs.
  6. Study on the Characteristics of Air Pollution in Delhi.
  7. Research on in situ bioremediation technology of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-contaminated farmland soil.
  8. Pollution characteristics of organochlorine pollutants in the atmosphere.

Ecology Research Topics on Environmental Science:

  1. Research on pollution stress and ecological damage assessment of estuary and tidal flat ecosystem caused by oil spill accident
  2. Development and engineering application of complete sets of technology for safe disposal of heavy metal contaminated sediment in lakes and reservoirs
  3. Study on Cadmium Pollution in Farmland Ecosystem
  4. Physicochemical behavior and biological characterization of lead pollution in vegetable garden soil.
  5. Research on Environmental Impact and Pollution Control Strategies of Major Biomass Wastes in India.
  6. Spatial and temporal distribution and source analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in atmospheric particulate matter.
  7. Study on Dephosphorization and Algae Removal of Chitosan and Modified Diatomite.
  8. Experimental Research on Land Resource Utilization and Environmental Effects of Dewatered Sludge.
  9. Study on the Mechanism of Eutrophication in Indian Lake.
  10. Research on the treatment process of corn deep processing wastewater reused in a circulating cooling system.
  11. Risk assessment and inventory construction of particulate matter composition and harmful components emitted by air pollution sources
  12. Nitrogen pollution characteristics of urban rainfall runoff and research on water purification technology of ecological box.
  13. Screening and performance determination of microbial strains for simultaneous removal of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide in farm odor by the biological method.
  14. Study on Migration and Transformation Law of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Sludge Composting Soil.
  15. Study on the purification of polluted river water by pyrite and limestone constructed wetland.
  16. Research on the distribution method of the total amount of pollutants in rivers.
Advanced Project Topics on Environmental Science and Resource Management:
  1. Research on identification and prevention and control of typical heavy metal pollution in nickel and cobalt smelting.
  2. Effect and mechanism of bio-leaching sludge engineered aerobic composting.
  3. Research on the pollution characteristics of landscape rivers in the rainy season and the purification effect of submerged plants.
  4. Study on the remediation effect of meat and bone biochar on lead and cadmium in water and soil environment.
  5. Study on the purification effect of several aquatic plants on eutrophic water.
  6. Research on the characteristics of greenhouse gas emissions in the process of municipal sludge composting.
  7. Research on Advanced Treatment of Biogas Slurry by SBBR-BAF Process.
  8. Comparative Study on Phosphorus Utilization Characteristics of Typical Algae Species.
  9. Study on the transformation of organic components and the structure of bacteria in the biological treatment of coking wastewater.
  10. Study on the impact of oil spill accidents on the pollution of the marine environment by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
  11. Characteristics and source analysis of PAHs pollution in atmospheric particulates in mining cities.
  12. Ecological Restoration and Benefits Evaluation of Ganga River Water Pollution.
  13. Removal effect and mechanism analysis of nitrogen and phosphorus in the agricultural runoff by Erhai buffer zone.
  14. Study on Treatment Technology of Wastewater from Vitamin C Production.
  15. Antibiotic and heavy metal residues and their ecological risks in large-scale pig farm wastewater treatment process.
  16. Experimental Study on Treatment of Turmeric Saponin Wastewater by Membrane Bioreactor.
  17. Study on the reduction effect of different types of green space on COD and nitrogen in rainwater runoff.
  18. Study on the characteristics of gas release in eutrophic natural water.
  19. Adsorption of Copper on Biochar—Effects of Ash and Small Molecular Organic Acids.
  20. Research on soil chromium pollution in a factory area and its microbial remediation.
  21. Effects of urban sludge composting on wheat growth and cadmium absorption.
  22. Effects of iron oxides in soil on lead adsorption characteristics.
  23. Study on Electrokinetic Remediation of Heavy Metal (Pb) Pollution in Soil.
  24. Organic modification of attapulgite clay and its application in aquaculture wastewater.
  25. Study on the remediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-contaminated soil by intercropping of sugar beet and pasture.
  26. Study on the effect of sludge composting on sandy wasteland soil improvement and the change law of pollutants in environmental media.
  27. Study on the accumulation characteristics of cadmium and lead in different genotypes of rice under the combined pollution of cadmium and lead and the screening of low accumulation varieties.
  28. Study on Stabilized Remediation of Lead-Contaminated Soil with Phosphorus-Containing Materials.
  29. Study on MAP-SBBR Combined Process for Treatment of Wastewater from Sludge Press Filtration.
  30. Study on Removal Effect of Constructed Wetland on Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.
  31. Study on the efficiency of carbon removal and nitrogen removal in ABR-CSTR integrated reactor.
  32. Stabilization and remediation effect of amendments on heavy metal contaminated soil and health risk assessment.
  33. Effects of five probiotics on the growth of three red tide algae.
  34. Distribution law and ecological risk analysis of heavy metals in sea cucumber culture ponds.
  35. Bioavailability of Cd in paddy soil from different pollution sources and its influencing factors.
  36. Technology and Mechanism of Removal of Nitrogen and Phosphorus from Corn Starch Wastewater.

Remember to choose a topic that aligns with your interests and the resources available for conducting experiments or research.

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