Quiz on Asthma

The quiz on Asthma will help you in preparing for Exam. These Asthma Quiz questions are very important as these are asked in previous exams. Here we have included questions asked from previous years. Which will help you to understand Asthma. Quiz on Asthma: 1. What is asthma? a) A bacterial infection b) An autoimmune … Read more

MCQ on Vaccines

MCQ on vaccines

A vaccine is a biological drug that is usually given by injection to build or build immunity against a specific disease. Here below we have listed some important MCQ on vaccines. Take a Look… MCQ on Vaccines: 1. Which of the following is the primary purpose of vaccines? a) To cure diseases b) To prevent … Read more

MCQ on Liver and its Disease

Liver MCQ Test: The liver is the largest organ of vertebrate beings, which has an irregular shape and a dark red color. It is located in the right anterior part of the abdomen and is covered by a fibrous capsule. The liver plays an important role in metabolic activities such as the synthesis of plasmatic … Read more

Plant Physiology MCQ with Answers Pdf

Plant Physiology MCQ: 1. Water potential is equal to___________ a) Ts + O.P b) = T.P. c) xl’p + Y d) Zero Answer: d) Zero   2. Transpiration is least in_____ a) good soil moisture b) high wind velocity c) dry environment d) high atmospheric humidity. Answer: d) high atmospheric humidity.   3. Phenyl mercuric … Read more

MCQ on Bioreactor with Answers

MCQ on Bioreactor / Fermenter / Fermentation Tank: Introduction to Bioreactor: The bioreactor is a device used to perform biochemical or biophysical processes under controlled conditions. A bioreactor, also known as a fermenter or bioreactor tank It is usually used in organisms such as microorganisms, cells, or enzymes to perform biotransformation or biosynthesis under certain … Read more

Biochemistry MCQ with Answers Pdf

Biochemistry MCQ Pdf:  1. The average nitrogen content of various proteins is about_______ A.0.6%  B. 6%  C. 16%  D.26%  E.36% Answer: C 2. The amino acids that makeup proteins are______ A.20 kinds of  B.300 kinds  C.12 kinds  D.16 kinds of  E.18 types Answer: A 3. The protein content of the human body is approximately A.30,000 … Read more