MCQs on centrioles (Centrosome)

Multiple question on centrioles (centrosome

If you are looking for centrioles centrosome Multiple Choice Questions. Here we collected some important MCQs on centrioles (Centrosome) NEET Mcq. The Centrioles (centrosome) mcqs pdf for class 12th and medical students included in this page have been selected based on the popular questions asked in various competitive exams over the years

Multiple question on centrioles (centrosome)

Multiple question on centrioles centrosome


1) A plant cell usually differs from an animal cell in the absence of ___________

(a) Ribosomes

(b) Centriole

(c) mitochondria 

(d) E.R.

Answer -: b

2) The filaments associated with cilha and flagella are constituted by________

(a) Microtubules

(clb) Microfibrils

(c) Microfilaments

(d) Microvilli

Answer -: a

3) prokaryotic flagella possess_______

(a) Helically arranged protein molecule

(b) Protein membrane enclosed tibre

(C) Unit membrane enclosed fibre

(d) Microtubular 9+2 membrane enclosed structure

Answer -: a

4) Pattern of organisation of cilia and flagella is__________

(a) 9+0

(b) 9+2

(c) 9+1

(d) 9+3

Answer -: c

5) Function of centriole is_________

(a) Formation of spindle fibres

(b) Formation of ucleolus

(C) Initiation of cell division

(d) Formation of cell plate

Answer -: a

6) Centrioles and centrosomes are present in cells of___________

(a) Cyanobactena

(b) Animals

(b) Bacteria

(d) Green plants

Answer -: b

7) Microtubule is involved in________

(a) Cell division

(b) DNA recognition

(c) Muscle contraction

(d) Membrane architecture

Answer -: a

8) The function of centrosome is _____

(a) Inhibition of cell division

(b) Initiates cell division

(c) To increase protein synthesis

(d) None of these

Answer -: d

9) Flagella with single strand and composed of, flagellin,iS found in____________

(a) Prokaryotes

(b) Eukaryotes 

C) Both (a) and (b) 

(d) None of tnese

Answer -: a

10) Tubulin protein occurs in_______

(a) Rough endoplasmic reticulum

(b) Microtubules

(C) Thylakoids

(d) Digestive enzymes

Answer -: b

11) Microtubules” were discovered by________

(a) De Robertis and Franchi

(b) Watson and Crick

(c) Jacob and Monad

(d) Zinder and Lederberg

Answer -:  a

12) The main function of microtubules is _________

(a) Protein synthesis

(b) Movement of cillia and flagella

(C) Formation of spindle fibres

(d) Both (b) and (c)

Answer -:  d

13) which of the tlfollowing statements regarding cilla is not correct?

(a) Microtubules of cilia are composed ot tubulin

(b) Cilia contain an outer ring of nine double microtubules surrounding two single microtubules

(C) The organised beating of cilia is controlled by fluxes of Ca2+ across the membrane

(d) Cilia are hair-like cellular appendages 

Answer -:  c

14) Number of protofilaments in microtubule is________

(a) 10

(b) 5

(c) 12

(d) 13

Answer -: d

15) Which structure is a network of protein cables?

(a) Spindle

(b) Chromosome

(c) Kinetochore

(d) Plasma membrane

Answer -: a

16) Shaft of cilia cotains a semifluid matrix in which there is a suppouing structure called __________

(a) Hub

(b) Tripet fibres

(c) Supportis

(d) Axoneme

Answer -: d

17) A centrosome is_________

(a) A cytoplasmic organelle present in plant cells

(b) A cytoplasmic organelle present in animal cells

(c) A cytoplasmic organelle present in plant and animal cells

d) A nuclear structure present in animal cells

Answer -: b

18) In a flagellar membrane which enzyme catalyses ATP

a) Cytoplasmic dynein 

(b) Asconic dynein

(c) Kinesis

(d Myosin

Answer -: b

19) The principle protein of cilia and flagella is ______

(a)  Globulin 

(b) Gliadin

(c) Albumin 

(d)  tubulin

Answer -: d

20) Centrosome is found in__________

(a) cytoplasm 

(b) Nucleolus

(c)  nucleus

(d) chromosomes 

Answer -: a

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