MHT CET Biology Mock Test Practice Paper 02

The MHT CET Biology Mock Test is one such method that proves to be very useful for students preparing for the MHT-CET exam. Through Biology Mock Test, you will come to know how correct your exam preparation is, this will also make it easier for you to understand the pattern of the exam.

If you are going to appear first-time online exam then you should definitely give this MHT CET mock test biology at once. They will get a lot of help in your main exam for this you can read MHT-CET Biology MCQ Pdf.

MHT CET Biology Mock Test Practice Paper 02

1. The correct set of a single and one gland hormone is__________
(a) oxytocin, prolactin, ACTH
(b) oxytocin, vasopressin, AD
(c) thyroxine, secretin, ACTH
(d) epinephrine, cortisol, ICSH

2. Action of the peptide hormone on a target cell is mediated by__________
(a) A cytoplasmic receptor
(b) Cyclic AMP
(c) ATP
(d) Epinephrine

3. Myelin sheath covers________
(a) Muscle fiber
(b) Nerve fiber
(c) Collagen fiber
(d) Tendon

4. Unidirectional transmission of a nerve impulse through nerve fiber is because________
(a) Nerve fiber is insulated by a medullary sheath
(b) Sodium pump starts operating only at the cyton and then continues into the nerve fiber
(c) Neurotransmitters are released by dendrites and not by axon endings
(d) Neurotransmitters are released by the axon endings and not by dendrites

5. Which one of the following statements related to the excretion by the human kidneys is correct?
(a) Descending limb of Loop of Henle is impermeable to water
(b) Distal convoluted tubule is incapable of reabsorbing HCO3
(c) Nearly 99 percent of the glomerular filtrate is reabsorbed by the renal tubules
(d) Ascending limb of the loop of Henle is impermeable to electrolytes

6. The principal nitrogenous excretory compound In humans is synthesised in____________
(a) Kidneys but eliminated mostly through liver
(b) Kidneys as well as eliminated by kidneys
(c) Liver and also eliminated by the same through the bile
(d) The liver, but eliminated mostly through kidneys

7. Function of ADH is________
(a) Reabsorption of water
(b) Reabsorption of sodium
(c) Diluting the urine
(d) Increasing sugar level in urine

8. Cerebrospinal fluid is present__________
(a) Beneath the pia mater
(b) Between piamater and arachnoid mater
(c) Between arachnoid and duramater
(d) In extra duramater
(e) Between the dura mater and cranium

9. Which of the following substances leads to inhibition of the central nervous system?
(a) Glycine
(c) Norepinephrine
(b) GABA
(d) Both a and b

10. Transmission of nerve impulses, across the synapse is accomplished by_________
(a) Release of ions
(b) Release of neurotransmitters
(c) Movement of water
(d) Movement of Na+ and K+

11. According to the accepted concept of hormone action, if receptor molecules are removed from target organs, the target organ will___________
(a) Continue to respond to the hormone without any difference
(b) Continue to respond to the hormone but will require a higher concentration
(c) Not respond to the hormone
(d) Continue to respond to the hormone but in the opposite way

12. Which of the following are called antithyroid substances?
(a) Thiocyanate
(b) Propylthiouracil
(c) High concentrations of inorganic iodides
(d) All of the above

13. All functions of the body are regulated and integrated by____________
(a) Respiratory system
(b) Digestive system
(c) Neuroendocrine system
(d) Excretory system

14. Which is not a characteristic of senescence in plants_______
(a) Decreased capacity to repair
(b) Decreased permeability to biomembrane
(c) Decreased internal content of auxin and cytokinin
(d) Decreased production of ABA, ethylene

15. Nasty movements are not directional movements in which response is determined by the structure of the responsive organ and not by the direction of stimulus such plant structures are generally__________
(a) Asymmetrical
(b) Bifacial
(c) Dorsiventral
(d) All of these

16. Light is not necessary for_______
(a) Synthesis of carotenoids
(b) Synthesis of chlorophyll in angiosperms
(c) Growth in higher plants
(d) Auxin catabolism

17. Which of the statements is incorrect with respect to importance of vernalisation____________
(a) It reduces the flowering period of plant
(b) It increases, yields, resistance to cold
(c) It can overcome some inhibitors and induces the synthesis of GA
(d) It can remove kernel wrinkles in wheat

18. Mark the incorrect pair_____
(a) Ribosome – protein synthesis
(b) Mitochondria – Respiration
(c) Chloroplast – photosynthesis
(d) Lysosome – storage

19. Mark the incorrect statement
(a) Mitochondria are the seat of cellular respiration
(b) Smallest membrane-bound organelle is the ribosome
(c) Microtubules help in flagella formation
(d) Contractile vacuole helps in osmoregulation

20. Electron transport system is found in
(a) Inner mitochondrial membrane
(b) Thylakoids of chloroplast
(c) Mesosomes in prokaryotes
(d) All of these

1. B2. B3. B4. D5. C
6. D7. A8. B9. D10. B
11. C12. D13. C14. D15. D
16. A17. A18. D19. B20. D

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