MHT CET Biology Mock Test Set 01

The MHT CET Biology Mock test is one such method that proves to be very useful for students preparing for the MHT CET PYQ exam.

Through the Biology Mock Test, you will come to know how correct your exam preparation is, this will also make it easier for you to understand the pattern of the exam.

If you are going to appear first-time online exam then you should definitely take this MHT CET mock test biology at once. They will get a lot of help in your main exam for this you can read the MHT CET Biology MCQ Pdf.

MHT CET Biology Mock Test  Practice Paper No1

1. Tidal power comes under________
a) Renewable resource
b) Non-renewable resource
c) Exhaustible resource
d) Incxhaustible resource

2. Percentage of the total area in any country should be occupied by forests__________
a) 75 %
b) 33 %
c) 97.5 %
d) 2.5 %

3. The most common biological agents used in biowar___________
a) Bacteria
b) Viruses
c) Fungi
d) All of these

4. Smallest RNA is______________
a) m RNA
b) genetic RNA
c) t RNA
d) r RNA 

5. The first transgenic plant. produced was________
a) Lactuca sativa
b) Brassica napus
c) Nicotiana tobacco
d) Solanum tuberosum

6. Hirudin is isolated from____________
a) Brassica napus
b) Seeds of Brassica
c) Leaves of Nicotiana
d) Roots of Brassica

7. Functional unit of gene is____________
a) Recon
b) Cistron
c) Muton
d) Intron

8. Sugar nitrogenous base is______________
a) Nucleotide
b) Polynucleotide
c) Nucleic acid
d) Nucleoside

9. Genes are made up of_______________
a) histones
b) Polynucleotides
c) Hydrocarbons
d) Lipoproteins

10. The double helical model of DNA was proposed by________
a) Chargaff
b) Benzer and Crick
c) Watson & crick
d) Johansen and fisher

11. Pairing of nitrogen bases is always between_______________
a) Purine & Purine
b) Purine and Pyrimidine
c) Pyrimidine and Pyrimidine
d) Phosphate and sugar group

12. Interferon are_____________
a) Anticancer proteins
b) Antifungal proteins
c) Antibacterial proteins
d) Antiviral proteins

13. A disease is pandemic when it____________
a) Spreads rapidly to all parts of the world
b) It is infectious
c) It is caused by Virus
d) It is caused by bacteria

14. HIV is a_______
a) DNA virus
b) RNA retrovirus
c) RNA virus
d) DNA retrovirus

15. The disease SCID is due to_____________
a) No formation of B & T Lymphocytes
b) Formation of B &TLymphocytes
c) High formation of B-cells & T-cells
d) High T-cells and low B – cells

16. Embryonic disc is a mass formed by a loose contact of______________
a) Ectoderm & amniotic cells
b) Ectoderm & endoderm
c) Endoderm & mesoderm
d) Endoderm & amniotic cclls

17. What is true about the blastocyst?
a) Blastocyst is a solid mass of blastomeres
b) All the blastomeres are alike
c) It has both an embryonic and a non-embryonic pole (vegetal pole)
d) It has only an embryonic pole

18. Primordial amniotic cavity during early gastrulation stage lies between________
a) Trophoblast and ectoderm
b) Trophoblast and endoderm
c) Ectoderm and endodernm
d) Endoderm and blastocoel

19. In normal sperm, centrioles and mitochondria are present in the____________
a) Head and neck part respectively
b) Neck and middle piece respectively
c) Middle piece & tail respectively
d) Head and tail respectively:

1. D2. B3. D4. C5. C
6. B7. B8. D9. B10. C  
11. B12. D 13. A 14. B 15. A
16. B17. C18. A19. B 

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