Sepsis Quiz: Multiple Choice Questions

Sepsis MCQ Questions and Answers:  1. What is less characteristic of sepsis?  a) tachycardia;  b) leukocytosis;  c) anuria;  d) increase in body temperature; Answer: C 2. The causative agents of surgical sepsis do not include: a) Escherichia coli;  b) hemolytic streptococcus;  c) Staphylococcus aureus;  d) proteus; Answer: D 3. Complications of sepsis do not include:  … Read more

Bone Fracture Quiz

Quiz on Bone Fracture and Dislocation:  1. Pathognomic sign of traumatic fracture________ a) swelling b) tenderness c) redness d) crepitus Answer: D 2. A symptom of a dislocation is: a) change in the absolute length of the limb;  b) change in the relative length of the limb;  c) pathological mobility in the damaged joint;  d) … Read more

Questions on Burn Quiz

Burn Quiz: Multiple Choice Questions:  1. ______ is an injury that results from heat, chemical agents or radiation. a) Wound b) Burn  c) Fit d) Heart Attack Answer: B 2. Rule of nine to estimate surface area of a burnt patient was introduced by________ a) Mortiz kaposi  b) Alexander wallace c) Joseph lister  d) Thomas … Read more

Wound Care Quiz

Wound Care Quiz: Multiple Choice Questions  1. What are the stages of wound healing? a) hemostasis,  b) inflammation,  c) proliferation,  d) remodeling e) All of these  Answer: E 2. How long does it take for microbes to become active in a wound?  a) 1-4 hours;  b) 6-8 hours;  c) 10-12 hours;  d) 2-6 pm; Answer: … Read more

Google Earth Day Quiz

google earth day quiz

Google Earth Day Quiz: Earth has given us a wonderful life. Our mother earth provides us with everything, be it clean air or water, food, or a beautiful environment. That’s why every year on 22 April we celebrate Earth Day, which provides us an opportunity to draw attention towards the protection of natural resources and … Read more

Implantation Bleeding Quiz

Implantation Bleeding Quiz:  What is Implantation Bleeding? About 30-40% of women experience blood loss after the embryo is implanted in the uterus. This phenomenon is known as implantation bleeding.  Since this happens at the beginning of the cycle, it may even be the first sign of realizing that you are pregnant. The fertilized egg travels … Read more