WHO Full Form : World Health Organization

WHO Full Form : World Health Organization   WHO Full Form : WHO stand for World Health Organization   What is the World Health Organization The WHO is a World Health Organization whose job is to monitor and eliminate health-related problems around the world. It is also responsible for detecting and investigating health-related incidents all … Read more

Crime Investigation Department : CID Full Form

    What is the full form of CID ? CID stands for Crime Investigation Department. This system of police department under the jurisdiction of the state government investigates crimes in the state. Established in 1902 during the British rule. The entire state is the jurisdiction. Fingerprint Bureau, Crime Branch and CID, Anti-Narcotics Cell, Anti-Human … Read more

STD Full Form : Sexually Transmitted Diseases | FAQs

STD Full Form: Sexually Transmitted Diseases | FAQs   STD Full Form : The full form of STD is a sexually transmitted disease. Sometimes it is also known as sexually transmitted infections (STIs), Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections that are transmitted through sexual contact. STDs are one of the most common infections in In … Read more

CII Full Form : Role & History of CII

CII Full Form : About CII, History and Role of CII,  CII Full Form : Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)  What is CII? CII is a business association in India. The organization’s work is to create a positive environment for the development and growth of various industries in India. It is a private institution and … Read more