CII Full Form : Role & History of CII

CII Full Form : About CII, History and Role of CII, 

CII Full Form : Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) 

CII Full Form : Role & History of CII

What is CII?

CII is a business association in India. The organization’s work is to create a positive environment for the development and growth of various industries in India.

It is a private institution and was started in 1895. The headquarters of this non-profit organization is located in New Delhi. At present, the Director – General of this institution, Chandrajeet Banerjee, has been appointed.

History of CII

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) works to create and maintain an environment conducive to the development of India, its partner industry, government and civil society through consulting and advisory processes.

For 125 years, CII has been working to shape India’s development journey and, this year, more than ever, it will continue to cautiously transform the Indian industry’s commitment to national growth.

CII is a non-governmental, non-profit, industrial and organized organization, with approximately 9,100 members from the private and public sectors, including SMEs and MNCs, and an indirect involvement of more than 300,000 companies from 288 national and regional sectoral bodies. industry.

CII Charts are changing by working closely with government on policy issues, connecting with thought leaders and improving efficiency, competitiveness and business opportunities for industry through a range of specialized services and strategic global links. It also provides a platform for building consensus and networking on key issues.

By extending its business agenda, CII helps industry identify and execute corporate citizenship programs. Partnerships with civil society organizations promote corporate initiatives for integrated and inclusive development in a variety of areas, such as positive action, livelihoods, diversity management, skills development, women’s empowerment and sustainable development, to name a few.

With the 2020-21 Theme as Building India for a New World: Lives, Issues, Growth, CII will work with Government and industry to restore growth to the economy and mitigate the huge human cost of the pandemic by protecting jobs and livelihoods.

With 68 offices, including 9 Centers of Excellence, in India and 9 overseas offices in Australia, China, Egypt, Germany, Indonesia, Singapore, UAE, UK and USA, and institutional partnerships with 394 CII serves as a benchmark for Indian industry and the international business community.

What does CII do?

  1. This organization gives people in the business area an opportunity to grow through Advise and Consult. 
  2. Along with this, CII with its advice also helps the country’s economy to grow.
  3. This institution has a total of 9000 members. 
  4. Together with this, more than 300,000 small and large companies are associated with it from about 265 countries around the world.
  5. To identify and strengthen the role of industry in the country’s economic development
  6. CII act as a catalyst for the growth and development of Indian industry
  7. Strengthen industry’s commitment to society in India
  8. Provide current information and data to the industry and the authorities
  9. Raising awareness and supporting the industry’s efforts for quality, environment, energy management and consumer protection
  10. To identify and meet the specific needs of the small sector to become more competitive
  11. Promotion of cooperation with the respective organizationTo work for the globalization of Indian industry and integration into the world economy

Where is CII’s office?

CII has a total of 65 offices worldwide where they operate. Of these, 10 offices are out in different countries like in Australia, China, Egypt, Germany, Indonesia, Singapore, UAE, UK and USA, and institutional partnerships with 394 CII serves as a benchmark for Indian industry and the international business community.

Role of CII?

  1. The main function of CII is to promote business development in India. 
  2. For this, CII provides a healthy environment to all the big and small businessmen in India so that they do not face any problem in increasing their business.
  3. Along with this, this organization also motivates various foreign companies to come and invest in India. 
  4. In this way, De CII also works to improve the country’s economy.
  5. CII plays a very important role in the economic growth of our country.
  6. Even during the economic downturn in 1991, CII had helped our country overcome it.

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