MCQ on Informatics with Answers

Informatics MCQ Questions and Answers: 

1. Information that does not depend on personal opinion or judgment is called:

A) credible

B) up-to-date

C) objective

D) complete

Answer: C


2. The operating system is…

a) PC download program

B) a program or set of programs that control the operation of a computer and provides the process of executing other programs

C) a program to ensure the operation of external devices

D) a program for working with files

Answer: B


3. What is a label?

A) file copy

B) graphical representation of the object

C) a pointer to an object

D) active control

Answer: C


4. The main element of Excel spreadsheets is:

A) string

B) column

C) sheet

D) cell

Answer: D


5. An algorithm in which the execution of an action depends on a given condition is called

A) Condition Algorithm

B) Cyclic algorithm

C) Branching algorithm

D) Helper algorithm

Answer: C


6. How many stages does the development of models in the spreadsheet environment consist of

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4

Answer: D


7. Information retrieval systems are divided into:

A) Search, for information

B) Factual, electronic

C) Documentary, hierarchical

D) Factual, Documentary

Answer: D


8. Object Oriented Programming is…

A) Real objects of the surrounding world

B) Handling objects in large systems

C) A programming method in which the main elements of programs are objects

D) Properties and methods for processing objects

Answer: C


9. What are modifiers?

A) Object faces

B) Selection markers

C) Object Control Cursors

D) Image measurement tools

Answer: D


10. Specify the material that is used to create the mesh frame of the model.

A) Wire

B) Volume

C) halo

D) surface

Answer: A


11. What does not apply to search methods?

A) Documentary search

B) Programmatic search

C) Semantic Search

D) Address Search

Answer: B


12. Where do you install and remove programs on your computer?

A) My computer

B) My documents

C) Network Control Center

D) Control panel

Answer: D


13. Indicate the type of algorithm “If the weather is good outside, then go for a walk, otherwise read a book.”

A) Cyclic

B) Linear

C) The full form of the branch structure

D) Incomplete form of the branching structure

Answer: C

14. The cell range A1:C4 is selected in the spreadsheet. How many cells does this range contain?

A) 9

B) 11

C) 12

D) 8

Answer: C


15. Communication system that provides sharing of resources of computers and peripheral devices.

A) Global network

B) Peripheral network

C) Local network

D) Regional network

Answer: C


16. The web page has an extension

A) .exe

B) .ppt

C) .xls

D) .html

Answer: D

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