MCQ on Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing MCQ: Cloud computing is a technology in which a variety of technology-based facilities are provided using the Internet. These services include databases, software, storage, etc. Cloud computing simply means “providing any computing service or service to the user through the Internet.” Through cloud computing, cloud service providers give the user an online space … Read more

C++ MCQ Questions and Answers

C++ MCQ Questions and Answers

Today in this article we are providing frequently asked C++ MCQ questions and answers for competitive exams. With the help of these C++ MCQ questions for the Computer Science exam, you can easily score good marks. Here we also provide you C++ MCQ Online test for all competitive exams. These questions are very important for … Read more

MCQ on Informatics

Informatics MCQ Questions and Answers:  1. Information that does not depend on personal opinion or judgment is called: A) credible B) up-to-date C) objective D) complete Answer: C 2. The operating system is… a) PC download program B) a program or set of programs that control the operation of a computer and provides the process … Read more

Basic Computer MCQ

Basic Computer MCQ with Answers Pdf: Basic Computer MCQ is important for every student appearing for the competitive entrance exams such as SSC, HSC, SSC-CGL, SSC, UPSC, and State PCS Exams of all states. Below we are provided Computer MCQ Questions Prepared by subject experts and students can refer to this computer MCQ for competitive … Read more

Computer Fundamental MCQ Pdf

MCQ on Computer – Fundamental, Basics, Network, Design: In the previous article, we discuss basic computer knowledge. These basic knowledge are like our internal skills. If we want to go further in the future, these internal skills must be cultivated.  The framework is ever-changing, but the general underlying knowledge is almost unchanged. Understanding this knowledge … Read more