Teachers Day Essay for Students in English

Teachers Day Essay for Childrens and Students  Teachers’ Day: a day to honor teachers. Teachers play a big role in everyone’s lives because teachers are the only source of knowledge for the students. Here we brought English Essay on Teachers Day to help the students participating in Teachers Day Essay Writing Competition on the occasion … Read more

My Mother Essay in English for student

What should I write about the mother?  A mother is a person about whom she cannot express in words, or God cannot approach everyone, so He created the mother.  I can’t tell mom in one word. The mother is the one who fills the child’s stomach by starving.  She is the mother who teaches you … Read more

Essay on child labour for Students

Even after so many years of independence in our country, child labor remains a stigma.  It is a matter of great irony for us that we are not able to provide good education to our children even in today’s India. Child labor means involving children in hard labor that affects their physical and mental development … Read more

Save Trees Essay For Students

Save Trees Essay For Students Trees play an important role in purifying air, soil, and water, making the land a better place to live. People who live near trees are generally healthy and happy. The tree helps us a lot through our unlimited service throughout our lives. As human beings, we never understand our responsibility … Read more

Save Water Save Life Essay | Samples

Water is very important to life on earth because water is very important to human life as is air. All living organisms, whether human or other animals or plants or plants, depend on fresh water for their lives. We have prepared six essays on this topic to save water, which will be useful for you. … Read more

Essay on Empowerment of Woman | FAQ

Essay on Empowerment of Woman Before we know anything about women’s empowerment, we need to understand what is mean by empowerment. Empowerment refers to the ability of a person from whom he gains this ability in which he can make all decisions regarding his life. In the empowerment of women, we are also talking about … Read more