Moral story : a tale of two frog

A Tale of two frogs Two tadpoles (early stages of the frog) were floating around in great fun.  Both were wagging their tails and showing their game to the rest of the frogs.  Seeing this, an old frog said, ‘Move the tail as much as you want, it will disappear in a few days.’ Ha … Read more

A Moral Story : Reindeer and lion

Reindeer and lion story A reindeer lived in a dense forest.  One day he reached a pond to drink water.  The water of the pond was very clear that day. That is why the reindeer could see their reflection clearly in the pond. At that time, he saw his crooked horns as a reflection in … Read more

Fruits of greed moral story for kids

                        Fruits of greed  Haldwani was a small town. Ramesh Mithaiwale had a big shop in the same city.  He used to make very tasty sweets.  Gradually Ramesh Mithaiwale’s fame spread far and wide. Most of the people started buying sweets from Ramesh  shop. As … Read more

A poor woodcutter story | Money tree

A poor woodcutter and Money tree A poor woodcutter was cutting wood and going to his house. On the way he met a monk Baba. They were days of winter. Sadhu Baba was chilling with cold. The woodcutter burnt some wood near Sadhu Baba. He was very relaxed. Pleased, he gave a ring to Zachary. … Read more