GK questions for Class 5 | GK quiz for class 5

Class 5 general knowledge questions and answers in different subjects and current affairs of other fields help your child to become a Perfect student. From students to professionals, Having good general knowledge is considered an important aspect of your personality and helps you conquer almost everything in everyday life.

Reading Class 5 General knowledge and current affairs go beyond being able to answer or start a conversation. GK Questions for Class 5 makes your child smart and helps to make well-informed decisions.

GK questions for Class 5 | GK quiz for class 5

If your child asks you a simple question on science, what example would you give when you don’t know much about the topic? It is important for you as a parent to Show good general knowledge and imparts it to your children So General  Knowledge cannot be acquired overnight.

Your child needs to be in constant contact with the whole world to gain as much as knowledge possible. Another interesting medium to gain knowledge is Solving GK Quiz for Class 5. They are an entertaining way to gain knowledge on various subjects. This is a fun activity where each question increases your Child’s curiosity level.

GK Questions for class 5 with Answers pdf | GK Quiz for class 5 

GK Quiz for Class 5 with Answers

1. Name the Father of the Indian Constitution?

A. jawaharlaal Nehru

B. Mahatma Gandhi

C. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

D. lokmanya tilak

Answer: C. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

2. Who penned the book Wings of Fire?

A. Nelson Mandela

B. APJ Abdul Kalam

C. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

D. None of the above

Answer: APJ Abdul Kalam

3. Who was the first Prime Minister of India?

A. Jawaharlal Nehru

B. Rajiv Gandhi

C. Sushil kumar shinde

D. Narendra Modi

Answer: A. Jawaharlal Nehru

4. Who was the first woman Prime Minister of India?

A. Pratibha Tai patil

B. Sonia Gandhi

C. Indira Gandhi

D. None of the above

Answer: C. Indira Gandhi

5. River Ganga falls in which sea?

A. Hindi Mahasagar

B. pacific 

C. the Bay of Bengal

D. None of the above

Answer: C. Bay of Bengal

7. Name the brightest planet in the Solar system.

A. Neptune

B. Jupiter

C. Mars

D. Venus

Answer: D. Venus

8. Name the original source of the Brahmaputra river?

A. Himachal Pradesh

B. Asam

C. Tibet

D. Bhutan

Answer: C. Tibet

9. Name one very famous crop of Assam?

A. sugar

B. Tea

C. rice

D. jowar

Answer: B. Tea

10. Where is Gir National Park located?

A. Gujarat

B. Rajasthan

C. Bihar

D. Maharashtra

Answer: A.Gujarat

11. Which is the largest beach in India?

A. Mandrem Beach

B. Candolim Beach

C. Juhu Beach

D. Marina Beach

Answer: D. Marina Beach

7. Name the national bird of the United States of America?

A. Bald Eagle

B. Kangaru

C. Peacock

D. Crock

Answer: A. Bald Eagle

8. Who is the executive head of the Union Territories?

A. Minister

B. President

C. Collector

D. None of the above

Answer: B. President

9. How many States and Union Territories are there in India?

A. 20 states and 5 Union Territories

B. 26 states and 7 Union Territories

C. 28 states and 8 Union Territories

D. None of the above

Answer: C. 28 States and 8 Union Territories

10. Which day is celebrated as Environment Day?

A. 21 June

B. 20 June

C. 5 June

D. 19 July

Answer: C. 5 June

11. Number of players on a Volleyball team is______

A. 10

B. 11

C. 12

D. 6

Answer: D. 6 

12. Gambit and Stalemate terms are related to which sports?

A. Cricket

B. Football

C. Chess

D. Hockey

Answer: C. Chess

13. The 2016 Olympic Games were held in which country?

A. Brazil

B. Paris

C. New york

D. None of the above

Answer: A. Brazil 

14. Which animal can live without drinking water for many days?

A. lion

B. Elephant

C. ox

D. Camel

Answer: D. Camel.

15. Name one plant which grows in the 


A. Bacopa

B. Cactus

C. Caladium

D. Daylily

Answer: B. Cactus.

16. Delhi is situated on the bank of which river?

A. the Godavari

B. Amazon

C. the Yamuna

D. all

Answer: C. Yamuna

17. National fruit of India_________

A. kivi

B. Grapes

C. Papaya

D. Mango

Answer: D. Mango.

 18. PV Sindhu is associated with which sport?

A. Cricket

B. Badminton

C. Hockey

D. None of the above

Answer: B. Badminton

19. Where will the Olympic Games hold in 2021? 

A. Paris

B. Tokyo

C. Berlin

D. London

Answer: B. Tokyo

20. Which is the 4th planet in our solar system?

A. Earth

B. Jupiter

C. Mars

D. Neptune

Answer: C. Mars

21. Which is the largest river in the world?

A. the Yamuna

B. Amazon

C. Nile

D. None of the above

Answer: B. Amazon

22. Which is the brightest planet in the solar system?

A. Mars

B. Neptune

C. pluto

D. Venus

Answer: D. Venus

23. A football team consists of how many members?

A. 11

B. 6

C. 13

D. 10

Answer: A.11

24. What is the young one of a cow called?

A. Cub

B. Calf

C. Fawn

D. puppy

Answer: B. Calf

25. Which is the largest ocean in the world?

A. the Atlantic Ocean

B. Southern Ocean

C. Pacific Ocean

D. all

Answer: C. Pacific Ocean

26. The branch of science that deals with earthquakes are called ___________

A. Ecology

B. Biotechnology

C. Seismology

D. Cell biology

Answer: C. Seismology

27. The smallest bone in the human body is__________

A. Spine

B. Pelvis

C. Skull

D. Stapes

Answer: D. Stapes 

28. Which is the deepest oceanic trench in the world?

A. Japan Trench

B. Tonga Trench

C. Mariana Trench

D. None of the above

Answer: C  Mariana Trench

29. Name a country without an official capital?

A. Bangladesh

B. Afghanistan

C. Nepal

D. Nauru

Answer: D.Nauru

30. Name the capital of Romania?

A. Baku

B. Vienna


D. None of the above

Answer: C. Bucharest

31. Which is the largest plateau in the world?

A. Deccan plateau

B. Tibetan plateau

C. Altiplano plateau

D. None of the above

Answer: B.Tibetan Plateau

32. Young one of a horse is called_______

A. Foal

B. calf

C. Fawn

D. cub

Answer: A. Foal

33. How many bones does an adult human body have?

A. 65


C. 206

D. 100

Answer: C. 206

34. Who wrote the famous play, “Romeo and Juliet”?

A. Willian Blake

B. John Donne

C. William Shakespeare

D. John Milton

Answer: C. William Shakespeare

35. Study of the universe is called_____

A. Biotechnology

B. serology

C. Cosmology

D. All

Answer: C.  Cosmology

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