MCQs Questions on Electric bulb with Answers PDF

MCQs on Electric Bulb with Answers Pdf:

MCQs on Electric bulb

What is Electric Bulb?

  • The invention of the light bulb has brought convenience to human beings, and it has been used to this day.
  •  The electric light bulb (or electric ball, tungsten filament lamp), an accurate technical name is an incandescent lamp.
  •  The perimeter of the bulb is made of glass, and the filament is held in a vacuum or low-pressure inert gas to prevent the filament from oxidizing at high temperatures. 
  • Electric light is a kind of artificial light source, which is a device that converts electrical energy into light energy for indication or lighting. 

Multiple Choice Questions on Electric Bulb

1. Which lamps have the shortest life in working hours?

A. Sodium vapor lamp

B. Fluorescent lamp

C. mercury vapor lamp

D. light bulb

Answer: D

2.The filament of an electric bulb is made of ________

A. Copper

B. Aluminium

C. Tungsten

D. Nichrome

Answer: C. Tungsten

3. What is a dry cell?

 A. which has two terminals

 B. one terminal

 C. three terminals

 D. none of these

Answer: A. two terminals

4. Which lamps are used to illuminate sports stadiums.

A. Sodium vapor lamps

B. Light Bulbs

C. Fluorescent lamps

D. LED Bulbs

Answer: A. Sodium vapor lamps

5. Which material is present inside the bulb that glows on heating?

A. Filament

B. switch

C. cell

D. thick wire

Answer: A. filament

6. Why tungsten is used as a filament in electric bulbs?

A. soft metal

B. high melting point

C. low melting point

D. nonluminous

Answer: B. high melting point.

7. The second thick wire of the filament of the electric bulb is connected to a metal tip along the which side of the metal cover at the base of the bulb.

A. Short

B. conducting

C. long

D. None of the above

Answer: A. Short

8. _______ of the following lamps uses a bimetallic strip?

A. Sodium vapor lamp

B. Fluorescent lamp

C. Light Bulb

D. Mercury vapor lamp

Answer: B. Fluorescent lamp

9. Two electric bulbs have transparent filaments of the same thickness. It one of them gives 60 W and other gives 100 W, then____________

A. 60 W lamp filament has a shorter length.

B.100 W lamp filament has a longer length.

 C. 60 W lamp filament has a longer length.

 D. 60 W and 100 W lamp filaments have equal length

Answer: C. 60 W lamp filament has a longer length

10. _________ of the following lamps is used as a sign or an indicator light?

A. Light Bulb

B. Halogen lamp

C. Fluorescent lamp

D. Neon lamp

Answer: D. Neon lamp

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