NEET Chemistry MCQ: Topicwise and Chapterwise with Answers

Organic Chemistry MCQ for NEET Pdf:

In order for you to better understand the NEET chemistry curriculum, we have prepared interactive chemistry MCQ tests for NEET. They cover the main topics of chemistry and include questions and assignments in general chemistry and inorganic chemistry. You can choose any topic and start testing.

A stable learning skill allows you to quickly and without errors pass online tests in NEET chemistry, and solve complex problems on tests. For its formation, it is necessary to return to the task on the same day in a few hours, and then study regularly, choosing the correct answers in chemistry from several options presented on the screen. Very soon you will solve complex problems without errors and answer any questions within the framework of the NEET Chemistry Syllabus.

Here below you will find Topicwise NEET chemistry MCQ with answers to most of the questions that the NEET chemistry program includes. In addition, there is the opportunity to practice the skill on one specific topic that causes you the most difficulty. The prices are symbolic, and the effect will be noticeable after a few days of regular classes.

NEET Chemistry MCQ



Topicwise MCQs for NEET Chemistry:

Molar Mass MCQ MCQ on Pharmacology
MCQ on Amines S-Block Elements MCQ
Hydrogen MCQ Questions and answers Organic Reaction Mechanism MCQ
Hydrocarbon MCQ Isomerism MCQ with Answers
Redox Reaction MCQ MCQ on Catalyst and Catalysis
MCQ on Zeolites Surface Chemistry MCQ with Answers
Environmental Chemistry MCQ Questions and Answers Basic Chemistry MCQ
States of matter MCQ Analytical Chemistry MCQ with Answers
Multiple Choice Questions On Ionic Equilibrium MCQ on Structure Of Atom For NEET
Multiple Choice Questions on Periodic Table Multiple Choice Questions on chemical reactions and equations
MCQs On Metallurgy Class 12 MCQs on the first law of thermodynamics
Thermodynamics MCQ Questions and Answers Some basic concepts of chemistry MCQ
Chemistry in everyday life MCQ MCQs on polymers for NEET
MCQ on aldehyde ketones and carboxylic acids Alcohol Phenol and Ethers MCQ
MCQs on Haloalkanes & Halorenes Co-ordination compound mcqs
MCQs on d and f block element MCQs on p-block elements
MCQs on general principal & processes of isolation of elements Chemical kinetics MCQ
Electrochemistry MCQ Chemical Thermodynamics & Energetics MCQ
Solutions and colligative properties MCQ Solid State MCQ For NEET


How to Solve NEET Chemistry MCQ:

The key to solving the chemistry multiple choice questions of the NEET entrance examination lies in the understanding and mastery of knowledge. It is not that you know every option, but that you can use the knowledge you have learned to solve existing problems. First of all, you must read the textbook thoroughly before the exam. The comprehensive reading here is no longer intensive because you have already a solid foundation in previous studies.

When you are on the spot, you must not panic, take a quick look at the paper, and for the questions you will be able to understand at a glance, you should prepare the answers immediately when you start the exam. After finishing a few questions, you will feel calm and confident. At this time, you will find that doing those routine questions is not too difficult, and finally, doing those cumbersome questions that require calculations.

Do not leave the questions empty. It is easy to make mistakes when filling in the answers, so even if you don’t know the answer, you still have to fill in the answer and you may get it wrong. The chance of single-choice is 25%, and the chance of multiple-choice is relatively low. It is inevitable to encounter untouched problems in the examination questions, so don’t panic, you can use the method of elimination, as long as the wrong ones are eliminated, the right ones will be obvious.

Don’t be greedy for multiple-choice questions. Choose at least two and the best combination of questions is also two. If there are precisely two answers, you will get a full score. Even if it is incomplete, you will get one point. , the loss outweighs the gain.

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